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  • Play Happy Wheels
    This is the first public version of the game, so please allow some time for the remaining bugs to be ironed out. Though I still love flash, what's great about this version is that it performs very well on mobile devices. However, this release does not yet include on screen mobile controls. The java script version of Happy Wheels has arrived mere seconds before flash's horrendous, blasphemous...
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  • Play 2048 game io
    We would like to welcome you to our 2048 game of number blocks, in which the objective is to achieve the maximum possible score by combining and matching numbers in the blocks. Brain-twisting fun awaits you in the form of the puzzle game Match the Number. Come and exercise your brain by playing this numerical puzzle game, which is EXTREMELY addicting despite its minimalistic and nicely...
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  • Play 2048 game io
    2048 is a mathematical puzzle game played only by one player in which you must combine tiles with the same number. The objective of the game is to combine tiles in such a way that the score reads 2048. The value increases by a factor of two if two or more tiles are combined. When merging tiles of the same kind, you can move them in any direction to achieve the effect. The playing surface is a...
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  • Happy wheels online
    One of the most insane and entertaining racing games available online is called Happy Wheels. Are you able to prevent these reckless daredevils from shattering each and every bone in their bodies with your assistance?
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  • 2048 game
    The game 2048 is both awesome and addicting to play. Have fun with these entertaining number puzzles! This updated version of the popular original 2048 game is part of the 2048 series of games. It not only supports the standard size of a board (4x4) but also smaller sizes (3x3), larger sizes (5x5), even larger sizes (6x6), and even larger sizes (8x8). It's a puzzle based on the bizarre number...
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  • Happy Wheels
    You can play Happy Wheels on the internet. Have fun competing in the most challenging game in the history of the globe!The objective of this hysterically funny physics game is to make it through all of the challenging stages without being completely dismembered. Choose one of the following: an elderly gentleman seated in a wheelchair, a father and son riding bicycles together, or a businessman...
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