G.M.S. Werks is a leading company of natural stones, centrally located in the heartland of America. We are a company who provides different types and designs of stones like honed marble, granite, quartz, travertine etc. according to the needs of customers.
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  • Long lasting travertine countertops

    For long-lasting travertine countertops, come to GMS Werks. It is one of the most popular stones in a contemporary building. A physical inspection in person is highly recommended to fully appreciate the colors and finishes. The naturally created troughs and pit holes on travertine stones differentiate them. Our goods' stunning and timeless elegance is ensured by thorough quality control, and travertine countertops are assured longevity, a ready supply, and quick delivery. Our goal is to provide you with the finest service and price in Omaha, as well as the highest quality tiles. Travertine has grown incredibly popular due to its rich appearance when compared to marble. Travertine countertops are usually mixed with cement before being smoothed and polished to give them a more natural appearance, similar to granite and marble counters. Its honed natural finish makes it suitable for use as a countertop in both business and residential settings. Travertine Countertops come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including tile and slabs, to meet your needs. With so many different travertine colors to pick from, you can easily find the perfect travertine color to complement your house or business.

    For more details:- https://www.gmswerks.com/blog/article/pros-and-cons-of-travertine

    Blog - Updated: Pros and Cons of Travertine in 2019
    Travertine has been used for thousands of years in many amazing structures all over the world. It is a type of limestone that is created from very high heat and pressure. Travertine is very porous and
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  • Eye catching outdoor kitchen countertops

    Buy eye-catching outdoor kitchen countertops from GMS Werks. We have a large range of outdoor kitchen projects to choose from, each with its own set of styles and designs. Each project has its unique look and features. Due to our knowledge, excellence, and attention to every detail on every task, we believe ourselves to be one of the top-ranked outdoor kitchen experts. Our masonry is both useful and attractive as a kitchen surface. To develop a wonderfully constructed non-porous stone, we used the world's finest granite, quartz, and polymer technology. The stone's unusual thickness allows it to be put directly over existing surfaces or in a completely new design. Cabinets and countertops are well-known for their importance in bringing a kitchen together, whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor kitchen worktops are installed and chosen based on time and environment, but they must also have a pleasing appearance and feel to match the outdoor living room. However, we are experts in creating the ideal outdoor kitchen countertops that will fulfill your needs in every way. Our knowledgeable designers can assist you in choosing the ideal countertop for your luxury outdoor kitchens!

    For more details:- https://www.gmswerks.com/blog/article/outdoor-kitchen-countertops

    Outdoor Kitchen Countertops Supplier Omaha | G.M.S. Wërks
    It takes some planning and research for what type of countertop material to use for an outdoor kitchen or grill area. It need to be very durable and require little maintenance. So, today we will discu
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  • Low maintenance Natural stone countertops

    Get low-maintenance Natural stone countertops from GMS Werks. Natural stone is, as we all know, the most popular material for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and a variety of other applications. Natural stone, whether for your house or business, not only has a gorgeous appearance, but is also extremely sturdy and powerful. Natural stone, when compared to other types of countertops, has the best attributes, which keeps it at the top of the list. It features a low-maintenance design, exceptional durability, and the kind of natural beauty that only natural stone can provide. Natural stones are extremely hard and durable rocks, making them particularly valuable in the construction industry— and the ideal choice for countertop designs in both home and commercial settings. We have a wide range of granite slab countertop colors and edge finishes choosing from. It is made up of compacted stone bonded together by an adhesive, whereas natural stone includes marble and granite. Natural stone is the most long-lasting material for a kitchen countertop, but it must be resealed every year. It can be used on benchtops, floors, and walls to great effect. Whether highly polished or rough-hewn, it is strikingly lovely. Above all, it improves the appearance of any property, whether it is contemporary or classic.

    For more details:- https://www.gmswerks.com/blog/article/natural-stone-backsplashes-for-your-home

    Natural Stone Backsplashes & Countertops Omaha
    If you think your kitchen needs a little bit of an upgrade, the easiest and quickest might just to be adding in a natural stone backsplash. The use of stone is perfect for any kitchen whether you are
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  • High quality Countertops Omaha

    Explore high-quality countertops Omaha at GMS Werks. We provide and install a wide choice of kitchen benchtops at competitive costs. With attractive, durable, and economical benchtops that suit your taste and budget, we can help you create your dream kitchen. We collaborate with the industry's finest architects, designers, and developers to create kitchen benchtops that are both beautiful and functional - it's our pleasure to change your kitchen tabletop into something you'll adore! We collaborate with the industry's finest architects, designers, and developers to create kitchen benchtops that are both beautiful and functional - it's our pleasure to change your kitchen tabletop into something you'll adore! If you're not sure which product would meet your needs, our experienced design consultants can assist you in making the best option possible. We can assist you in comprehending the benefits and features of each countertop. Granite is a natural product made up of several different components. Granite is available in a wide range of hues and patterns, each with its distinct characteristics. Quartz has a low maintenance requirement while maintaining a stylish appearance.

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