Sometimes when you try to do Bank of America Login after this you see that your bank account is no longer visible to you. It may only happen occasionally as this is a rare case. It may occur for many reasons, so if you are presently facing this issue, do not panic. We are here to help you out.

This blog will help you out by going through all the detailed reasons that are the causes of it.

Reasons for your Account Deactivation

Given below is a list of those reasons why your bank may shut down your account:

  • Inactive Account

Let us suppose that you haven’t made any transactions from the time your bank account has been opened (you haven’t used a single cheque and made a total of 3 transactions from your debit card in total). The bank may consider closing your account because of your lack of activity in the account. Therefore, to avoid this do your Bank of America login and make some transactions from your account. 

  • No balance

If your account is void and does not have any money, then what is the point of having an account? You cannot justify it by saying there is no minimum balance requirement in my account. Because it does not matter, you cannot keep your account empty for days and months you have to deposit some amount in it. Or face the consequences of the deactivation of your account. 

  • Uncleared Cheques 

When you give someone a cheque with a specific date and amount as a payment but on the said date there is no balance and this keeps on repeating and there is a long list of your b ounces cheques then the bank as per their guidelines will mutually decide to cancel their account. When you do Bank of America Login then on the account section you will be able to located all the details of bounced cheque. 

  • Too many Transactions

There is a limit specified on how many transactions you can make with a particular account. And if you exceed the specified limit the bank will immediately take an action and will close your account.

  • Harm in security 

If the bank suspects any activity that is suspicious for your account regarding safety, then to maintain safety bank may temporarily close the account till the issue is resolved. 

It may even suspend your account if it thinks that the money deposited in your account is from money laundering or any other illegal activities. 

  • Convicted Criminal

At the time of opening an account, you lied to them and did not tell them about your criminal records. But as they say “Truth can never be hidden” and they found out about this therefore, as a punishment they will suspend your account. 

Final Thoughts 

When you do Bank of America Login on your device and are unable to perform any transactions because your bank is no longer available and then you think that your account has been removed without any prior notice then you are wrong because the bank always sends an email regarding the issue and you just did not see the mail. And to resolve the said issue you should contact your nearest branch as soon as possible or you can call customer services.

Customers can access their accounts and carry out different financial operations online thanks to the secure online banking service provided by Bank of America Login. To prevent unauthorised access to your account, it's crucial to keep your Bank of America Login information private and to avoid sharing it with anybody.
It is advised to get in touch with Bank of America customer service right once to address the problem and maintain the security of your account if you are having problems with your Bank of America Login, such as trouble logging in, error messages, or suspicious account activity.