Businesses invest in warehouses to store products for extended periods. Leasing warehousing space is an effective solution for labour-intensive small companies. However, such spaces come at substantial overhead costs, and one can expect to pay at least a 10 per cent hike in the rentals. This is due to the high demand for warehouses and associated maintenance costs.


On the other hand, the order fulfillment centers in India are specialized service providers. They serve as hubs for multiple sellers and offer services across diverse locations. 

Such an order fulfilment service in India delivers services like-


  • Order picking,
  • Processing,
  • Packaging,
  • Shipment, etc.


Dedicated fulfilment services in India can receive, process and send orders for multiple sellers. Hence, these help small and medium enterprises to streamline their operations at a small investment.


What to expect from the best order fulfilment center in India?


The best order fulfilment centers in India help to get orders faster through their strategically placed fulfilment location across different regions. This is crucial to ensure effective order packaging and delivery. They are your one-stop solution as these complete every order by packing, labelling, etc.

Hence, if any seller outsources e-commerce fulfilment, these manage inventory and negotiate favourable outcomes through top delivery services. Thus, it makes sense to outsource services through these order fulfilment centers in India and manage inventory, improve customer service and save time per order.


What makes order fulfilment centers in India different from warehouses?


Although order fulfilment centers in India carry a warehouse function yet they also help to store a merchant's inventory at a selected location. Often your given inventory will stay in a particular area for a month to avoid paying high fees. However, the same also needs fast and efficient replenishment for bestselling items.

Unlike static warehouses, these centers are known for offering continuous movements and can provide complex operations with ease. 

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