With the start of Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4, a series of new items and aspects are being added to the game. With so many brand-new Diablo 4 Items For Sale, figuring out their effects and farming them will take a lot of time. Just taking the legendary aspect as an example, twenty-three new Legendary Aspects are waiting for players to find. However, some players have limited time. If you don't already know what aspects are worth farming, here are the 5 best Aspects in Diablo 4.

1. Bold Chieftain's Aspect

Bold Chieftain's Aspect is one of the Resource Aspects for the Barbarian that makes the most potent part of your Barbarian's kit even more powerful. Whenever you cast a Shout Skill, this aspect reduces the cooldown of that skill by a certain amount, up to a maximum of 6 seconds.

Since this aspect is NOT a Codex Aspect, you can only find legendary items and extract the legendary aspect from them. You can take Gold to imprint it on the ring, and all nearby enemies will be affected.

2. Aspect Of Decay

It is no exaggeration to say that the Aspect Of Decay can be said to be one of the strongest Aspects of the Season for the Necromancer. It can amplify the passive damage of Shadowblight by up to 300%. If you take Gold to upgrade your gear and imprint it with this aspect, it will deal fatal damage to the enemy.

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As an Offensive Aspect, the Aspect Of Decay further enhances the Necromancer's offensive capabilities. When using Shadowblight to attack an enemy, it can stack damage up to 5 times.

3. Shockwave Aspect

Pulverize has been known to allow Druid to transform into a mighty werebear, dealing terrible damage to nearby enemies. Shockwave Aspect can further enhance its damage. When equipped, Pulverize produces a forward-traveling shockwave, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. If you take Gold to Enhance and then Upgrade the skill, it will make your build even more powerful.

4. Aspect Of Audacity

The Aspect Of Audacity is a Utility Aspect that can be used by all Classes. If you like the melee range, you can give it a try as a placeholder. When you try to group up enemies, it triggers instantly at 5 enemies, stunning them for 2-4 seconds. When you stun a group of suicide bombers that are rushing you, killing them will reward you with a lot of D4 Gold.

Finally, you can combine different aspects for more powerful builds depending on your playstyle.