Diablo 4 Season 1 has a brand-new Main Quest chain that players must complete to progress the storyline. The Prayers for Salvation quest, one of the main quests, requires players to find certain items to complete. While exploring Sanctuary, you may meet dangerous enemies, and if you're ready for the quest, we'll go over how to locate these items, as well as how to complete the Prayers for Salvation quest in Diablo IV.

The Prayers for Salvation quest needs you to collect three Diablo 4 Items For Sale, namely the Crusadar Missives, the Palain Prayer Book, and the Tithe Ledger.

Where to find the Crusader MissivesTo find the Crusadar Missives you'll need to head to the Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold, where you'll fight several level 35 enemies. This can be somewhat challenging, and we recommend it for players level 35 and above. If you're not level 35 yet, you can buy Gold upgrades as usual. Or, you can drop down to World Tier 1, where enemies are easier to kill.

After defeating these enemies, go to the gravestone and interact with it to get the Crusadar Missives.

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Where to find the Paladin Prayer Book

Collecting the Paladin Prayer Book is the hardest part of this quest, and it can be found in the Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold. However, the Stronghold has four areas to choose from, and each location has a wave of very high-level enemies waiting for you. If you are unfortunate enough to be killed by an enemy, you can buy Gold to repair your Gear, keeping it the top condition.

Defeat the elite enemies that appear on the Pyre to get the Villager’s Remains. Use it to open the path in the top left, and you'll enter a circular arena, where you'll see a cage with a chest in it, open it to get the Paladin Prayer Book that drops.

Where to find the Tithe Ledger

Thankfully, the Tithe Ledger is the most accessible item in this quest. You don't need to kill the enemies, just hang out at the Belfry Zakara dungeon entrance, go up the stairs and go left to find it.

Bring the three collected items and return to Cormond at his Malignant Research bench in the Fallow Tillage around the "Zarbinzet" to complete this quest and gain XP and D4 Gold rewards.