In this blog, I'll equip you with a game plan to help you pass the test PL- 300 and earn that Power BI instrument! I'll also partake in perceptivity from my experience passing the test DA- 100, as both Microsoft examinations are analogous.


For a quick reference, then's a breakdown of the change


Breakdown of PL300 vs Da100

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Step 1 What's the test PL- 300?

Passing the PL-300 test is your ticket to earning the title of Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate. 

Be sure to review the chops companion for details on what each skill entails. To pass the test, you must score at least 700 out of 1,000 points( 70). Eventually, the instrument is valid for one time.


PL test Contents


sanctioned PL-300 test coffers


Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate website

test PL- 300 website

test PL- 300 chops outline

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Step 2 Determine Your Starting Point

When I decided to pursue the Data Analyst Associate instrument, I had been working with Power BI about two times. As a critic in a former part, I developed several reports and maintained an app for a deals and marketing department. I knew that I had a solid birth, but would need to fill in some gaps. I read through the chops outline to give me a quick sense of what position I was in and what I demanded to work on.


still, you probably have a great foundation and can concentrate on filling in the gaps, If you have been working with Power BI for several months or times. Reading through the chops figure will help you know where to concentrate your test medication.

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still, give yourself some time to learn the basics before starting some of the heavy lifting for the test fix, If you're brand new to PowerBI.However, check out Joe in Cell’s videotape produce your first Power BI report( 2021), If you're wondering where to get started with learning Power BI.


Because getting experience with Power BI is so precious, look for ways to start using it day-to-day. Then are some ideas for getting some practical experience


Download the desktop interpretation of Power BI for free and start exploring the tool 


Job shadow with a data critic or business intelligence critic

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Step 3 Produce Your Learning Plan

After reading through the chops figure, I linked the areas that I demanded to work on. I determined that I demanded a combination of Microsoft guided literacy, plus a formal course.


 This is a great option for tone-starters. A big downside to the Learning Paths is the erected-in labs, which take you to a virtual terrain where you conduct report development within Power BI.


For the formal course element, I enrolled in the Microsoft Power BI instrument PL- 300 test Prep course offered on Udemy by Aaron Parry from Maven Analytics. You can also subscribe to this course on the Maven Analytics platform where they've fresh training available. This was a fantastic course with so important rich content. Not only do you cover the generalities in a videotape lecture format, but you also complete a hands-on design where you produce a Power BI report and emplace it to the service. The course also offers a practice test, which is a great way to gauge if you're ready for the real thing. 


My final course design


Dashboard practice

Step 4 Execute Your Learning Plan

Once you estimate your starting point and draft your literacy plan, now it's time to break it down and work through it. The biggest thing you can do is to stay harmonious in your literacy. Because there are a large number of chops estimated( over 80!), it’s important to be patient and break effects down into small gobbets.