Krakow is a very beautiful city in Poland and it is also a very well known tourist destination. This city was built in the 7th century and it is very famous for its historic centre which is on the list of World Heritage Sites. Krakow is a global center of art, architecture, literature and education. Originally this city was the capital of Poland but now it is the capital of Lesser Poland Voivodeship. This city has the Wisla River and it covers the Uplands region which includes the Carpathian Mountains.


So, now let me tell you about various facilities and the city tours organized by the Krakow Airport which are very beneficial for the visitors who come to this city.


  1. Facilities Provided

The Airport of Krakow is known as the Krakow's John Paul II International Airport and it is the second busiest airport in Poland. Various tours are organized by the transportation department of this airport on a daily basis. People can easily book the tours in advance according to their stay and convenience.


  1. A large parking lot

This airport is just fifteen minutes away from the center of the city and near to various tourist attractions of Krakow. It has a spacious and large parking lot which can  private trips krakow  accommodate 750 vehicles and 15 large buses. You can find the parking lot opposite the international passenger terminal.


  1. Shuttle train service

Krakow has the Shuttle train service which connect Krakow's Balice international airport with the Krakow Glowny main rail station. You can easily reach the railway station from the airport using this shuttle service. The trains operate here from 4a: m in the morning still midnight and they are available at the interval of every thirty minutes.


  1. Municipal bus services

Two municipal buses also operate from this airport and you can easily get them from the bus stop which is at the distance of fifty meters from the International Terminal. You can easily reach the Krakow Glowny central train station and the Krakow's central bus station through these municipal buses. The buses operate from 8 a: m to 11 p: m and even night buses are available from the bus station.


  1. Taxi available

You can easily get taxis from the airport as taxi stands are located near both the passenger terminals. If you want then you can even call the Krakow's taxi calling centers and book a taxi.


I am sure the above stated points tell you about Krakow Airport Transportation in detail. This information would certainly be very beneficial for you if you visit Krakow in the near future.