Diablo 4 Season 1 brings a plethora of new challenges to players, such as new Quests, Seasonal Characters, a Battle Pass, and of course, one of the biggest features, the Malignant Heart. There are four colors of Malignant Hearts in the game, corresponding to different types of effects. Socket them into in Malignant Sockets of the same color can offer powerful enhancements to your build. Here's everything you need to know about how to get Malignant Hearts.

How to get Malignant Hearts

Slay fully corrupted monsters

You can use the Cage of Binding to capture Malignant Hearts from Vicious Malignant Monsters. When you start the Season event, head to Kyovashad and complete the Burning from Within questline to get a Binding Cage from Cormond shortly. Then you perform a ritual on the partly corrupted monsters with it, and they become fully corrupted monsters. Kill them and you'll get a Malignant Heart.

It's worth noting that the four different types of Malignant Hearts also drop from the corresponding Vicious Malignant Monsters. Such as Vicious Malignant Monsters will drop the Vicious Heart that provides Offensive power, Brutal Malignant Monsters will drop the Brutal Heart that provides Defensive power, Devious Malignant Monsters will drop the Devious Heart that provides Utility power, and Wrathful Malignant Monsters will drop the Wrathful Heart that provides Wrathful power. These different items will bring different buffs to your build.

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Explore Malignant Tunnels

The Malignant Tunnel is a new type of dungeon full of Malignant Monsters which is the best place to farm hearts. Since there are Malignant Monsters everywhere, including Varshan the Consumed, a new Boss. We recommend that players buy gold to repair their equipment to keep it in top condition. You need to use the Malignant Invokers to interact with the same type of Malignant Monsters and kill the fully corrupted monsters to get the Malignant Heart that drops. Since items drop randomly, you might also get some extra items and Diablo 4 Gold as you explore the Sanctuary.

Craft Malignant Hearts

In addition, Malignant Hearts can also be crafted by salvaging unwanted Malignant Hearts at Cormond's Wagon to obtain Ichor. Salvaging different Malignant Hearts will get different points of Ichor.

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