HP is one of the famous brands for the laptop and other technical services. While using the WiFi on the laptop, you suddenly get disconnected from the internet. The WiFi is not connecting because your laptop may have in airplane mode or the WiFi is turned off. Your router can be down, or you are entering the wrong WiFi password. You need to make sure that your laptop is in proper working condition. 

How can I fix the error of the HP Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 

You need to troubleshoot the wireless network connection on your HP laptop by the following points. 

Check the wireless signal: 

  • You can local the wireless button like the airplane or wireless signal icon. 
  • You can press the given button and wait for the 10 seconds 
  • With this, you can see any changes in the wireless network connectivity or the LED light. 
  • You can move to the connection at the taskbar to check the current status. 

Reset the laptop and the wireless modem: 

You must turn off the laptop and disconnect the power cord from the laptop and the router. You can wait for 5-10 seconds and connect the same again. Once the light turns on, you can connect accordingly.

How do I force my HP laptop to connect to WiFi? 

You must ensure that WiFi is on from the settings and select the suitable internet option from the left hand. There, you also check the airplane mode is turned off to solve the problem of the HP Laptop Not Connecting to WiFi for internet access. 

How can I update the WiFi driver on HP Laptop?

  • You can open the device manager in the Windows section. 
  • At there, right-click the wireless adapter and choose the update driver option. 
  • You can follow the suitable instructions and update the WiFi driver.
  • At last, you need to restart the laptop to use the WiFi.