Sausage rescue is airborne,' UK drone team save dog from rising tide - CGTN


Millie is a cross between Jack. Russell and Whippets After 48 hours of search-and-rescue missions, he was found stranded in mud in Hampshire. which is not far from the south coast of the United Kingdom.

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Despite trying to bring her back to safety She also evaded the police. coast guard and firefighters who tried to catch her in vain. The area is regularly submerged by rising tides.

And rescuers feared that she might be a victim of the freezing cold this time of year.Until the Denmead Drone Search and Rescue (DDSAR) team came up with an idea. Because Millie has been gone for a long time.

So they thought she was hungry and hoped that some food would tempt her to stay safe. So they attached the cooked sausage to one of their drones and hovered over Millie to show her the way home.