Are you reading this blog to get to know about how to get someone off your best friends list then this is the right place and blog for you to get to learn about it. 

So, without wasting any single moment let us get started and begin to know how you can remove the best friends you want from your friends list on snap chat platform.  

Options for Removing Someone from your Friends List as Your Best Friend – 

You have three options available for you to know how to remove best friends on snapchat and you can opt for any option which suits you. 

The first way is to delete the friend which you want to remove and once you delete the friend he or she will be removed from the best friends list. For deleting a friend you should click on his or her name and tap on the option of delete followed by clicking on yes button. 

Second way you can use is to hide your friend by changing the snap chat friend emoji from the setting and fortunate for you that you can select any emoji you wish for. 

The third and the last option to remove someone from snapchat bestfriends list is to simply let the emoji remove itself over the period of time and for this you should ignore that person completely and stop sending snaps to that person as well and in the mean time you can keep sending snaps to other friends of yours.