The Indian tractor manufacturer Swaraj produces the Swaraj 855, a sturdy and flexible tractor model. The Swaraj 855 tractor is a popular tractor type in India among farmers due to its steady field performance. With a 55 HP engine and a strong 3-cylinder, it is a cutting-edge car. The Swaraj 855 is your best choice if you're a farmer looking for a tractor with a high power rating. Its brake system is oil-immersed, which ensures effortless braking even on uneven and rocky terrain. It also has a power steering mechanism for straightforward field movement. Farmers can adjust the tractor's speed thanks to its multi-speed forward and reverse gearbox. With its robust chassis, the Swaraj 855 can be utilized on a variety of surfaces. It boasts a 3-cylinder engine that performs effectively and smoothly. Also, the operator platform is ergonomically designed to ensure that the tractor operates without a hitch. The Swaraj 855 price is competitive and offers excellent value for money. It is a reliable and powerful machine suitable for various agricultural applications. Overall, the Swaraj 855 is a fantastic choice for farmers looking for a powerful and trustworthy tractor.