Which cards do gps tracker with temperature sensor use? Now GPS tracker technology has been fully applied. GPS tracker is widely used in the automotive industry. We all know that GPS tracker with built-in SIM card transmits information , And then achieve the purpose of positioning, so the built-in card of the GPS tracker is very important to the GPS tracker. Which cards are generally used for the GPS tracker with temperature sensor?

1. IOT card: It is also SIM card, which is different from data card and IOT card. The SIM card requires users to go to China Mobile Unicom's business hall for real-name purchase and use, and it has both data and can send unlimited text messages.

2. Data card: At the beginning, the data card was a card that could only provide data services. Later, the data card supported sending three short messages per month. After more than three short messages, once the user makes a mistake in operation and sends a short message by mistake, it will cause the arrears to stop.

3. IOT card: IOT card only has data flow, no short message service, and it doesn’t matter if you send text messages by mistake when using the Internet of Things card, because it doesn’t! Respond!

GPS car locator, now people's living standards have improved a lot compared to before, even many rural families have bought cars. It's not cheap, but there is still a bad habit of stealing in the society. A car that started with a few tens of thousands of dollars is still distressed and troublesome if it is stolen. As a car owner, you still have to do a good job of anti-theft for the car, so as not to make yourself regret it. Moreover, the price of GPS car locator is not expensive, the average price is more than 200-300, the standby time is long, and the function is also many. You can use the locator to add a safety barrier to your car!

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