Many people are installing 4g car gps tracker in order to blindly pursue concealment. When installing it, they must understand that not all positions of the car are suitable for GPS tracking locators. So can the 4g car gps tracker be installed in the fuel tank for concealment?

Answer: No

Considering that the GPS tracking locator may be illegally disassembled, many users hide the locator in a place invisible to the naked eye. However, the installation of tracking and positioning equipment is not easy to install in any position of the car. We also need to consider the signal of the positioner and the high temperature of the positioner. Therefore, it is not recommended to install a GPS tracking locator in the fuel tank.

The installation location of the locator should be selected to distinguish between the wireless locator and the wired locator.

The wireless 4g car gps tracker belongs to the installation-free strong magnetic absorption equipment. The user can place the equipment under the car seat, near the front and rear bumpers, in the left and right doors, in the trunk, and on the iron plate on the bottom of the car.

4g car gps tracker is generally installed on the trim panel under the front windshield, on the front dashboard, under the trim panel under the rear windshield, under the headlights and other locations where wiring is required.


Many users require confidentiality when installing the locator. The locator company usually advises users to install the device more secretly. However, not all locations are suitable for GPS tracking locators.