Wyoming To Lead The Coal-To-Nuclear Transition, With New Reactor Planned By  Bill Gates-Backed TerraPower


His nuclear power company is one of several companies developing a new generation of small nuclear power plants.Like everyone else in the industry, Schonfeldt wanted to deal with security fears.

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In the case of Seaborg, their reactors are based on floating vessels and use molten salt to react medium.Mr Schonfeldt argues that the establishment and its location mean a large catastrophe.

This could be caused by a terrorist attack. which is impossible If terrorists bomb the reactor and spray salt everywhere. It freezes and persists. You go clean it,It's a very different situation to bomb an existing reactor.

where you would have gas clouds that would not be on your continent and would generally cause international disasters.Seaborg's modular electric tankers can generate between 200MW and 800MW of electricity, enough to power 1.6 million homes.


Traditionally, building a large nuclear power plant involves taking components to a large construction site and assembling reactors there. But these new so-called modular designs can be put together like a jigsaw and most are factory assembled. Makes construction projects a lot easier.

That's the hope of Rolls-Royce. It recently received £210 million in funding from the UK government and £195 million in cash from investors. to develop its own small modular reactor (SMR).