Heartfelt Engagement Gifts for Your Closest Friends

Congratulate the newly-engaged couple with meaningful gifts that speak to their unique love story.

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POV: Your best friend just said "Yes!" and you couldn't be more thrilled!

Moments like these deserve a gift that goes the extra mile to show your friends how much their happiness means to you. We have searched far and wide on Etsy to compile a list of thoughtful gifts that will not only be a testament of their love but also help them spend some quality time together. The best part? You will not only get brownie points for the perfect present but also be amongst the first few people to congratulate them on this new chapter in life.

  1. Take them back to where it all started

SHOP: First date heart map from Wizzartprint, Rs. 1,005

First dates are always special. To congratulate them on the engagement, take them back to the place it all started. Mark the place where their love story began with this customised memory map art print. You can personalise it further by including their name and their favourite rom-com quote.

  1. Prepare them for the wedding day

SHOP: Vow book-set from SieaDesigns, Rs. 2,131

Help your friends prepare for the big day by gifting them this beautiful vow book-set to write their promises in. The dreamy book comes with a leaf wreath pattern and a ribbon bow-tie to keep it in place. You can also get a customised message calligraphed on the front page. Bonus: Suggest an anniversary tradition of reading these out as they toast to another wonderful year together!

  1. Get her a trinket dish

SHOP: Brass trinket dish set from FleckIndia, Rs. 4,176

If your friend can’t stop gushing about her exquisite engagement ring, give her an equally gorgeous place to rest it in with this brass tinker dish. Classic yet modern, it will be a great addition to her bedside table and will get beautifully oxidised over time.

  1. Inspire them to travel the world

SHOP: Wooden world-map from ThePheonixDecor, Rs. 8, 494

We all have a couple in our group who is high on wanderlust. Motivate them to add more stamps to their passport with this wooden world map. The top layer is made of birch wood and the continent pieces are coated with melamine polish to make it last longer.

  1. Gift them a customised portrait

SHOP: Customised couple portrait from TheDearestsStudio, Rs. 1,284

If you are looking for a cute customised gift for the newly engaged duo, this personalised portrait is just the thing for you. Send a cute picture of the couple to the seller and you’ll receive an illustrated digital copy, ready to be printed, framed, and gifted.

  1. Bring some greenery into their lives

SHOP: Decorative planter from DecoNow, Rs. 942

If they have a green thumb, you can add to their quality time together. They can plant some fresh herbs in this adorable planter for their new home. A great way to showcase their personality, the planter can also bring some positive vibes to the space. It is made of 100% recyclable material and features a coy smile for the visitors.

  1. Spark some romantic vibes

SHOP: Coconut candle holder from EcoboonByDrMugdha, Rs. 500

Remind them to take out some extra time for romance amidst all the hustle of wedding planning with this coconut candle holder. This find is made of polished coconut shells to give their space a rustic retro vibe. They can use the holder for a candle, aromatherapy, or as a decor element.

  1. Gift them a personalised pillowcase

SHOP: Personalised pillowcase from TheVivicollection, Rs. 1,011

Cute and comfy, this personalised embroidered pillow can make for a wonderful engagement gift. You can also add a sweet personal message for the couple and the pretty pillow cover will become the statement piece for their couch.

  1. Get them matching pyjamas

SHOP: Couples matching pyjama set from BlushBridesCo, Rs. 2,263

Here’s an adorable find for your favourite couple to stylishly lounge in. The pyjama set is available in four different styles to suit the unique couple and can even be personalised with their initials or names.

  1. Pretty up their favourite wine

SHOP: Handmade wine bag from PahiCrafts, Rs. 354

A bottle of wine is usually the safest gift, especially when you’ve got short notice. Get this handmade wine bag so you’re prepared for all those last-minute special occasions. Cheers to their start of forever with a gift that is not only high on utility but also style—it can easily accompany them on all the romantic picnics in the future.

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