Computer science is a fantastic field of study. Made as a college discipline in the 60s and evolving through countless decades, it has become an integral part of our everyday life worldwide. And for many, it also turned into a passion.

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Whether computer science is one of your courses in university or simply something of casual interest, reading today's comprehensive post will surely put you miles ahead. Here, we aim to walk you through a comprehensive list that will enable you to look for intriguing topics related to this rapidly transforming field of study. It will also provide you with much-needed computer science assignment help.

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  1. Irvine professor David Eppstein interpreted his initials as the hexadecimal number oxDE to come up with the name for his exceptional blog. He then converted the result to the binary, of which 11011110 is the result. Anyone who is intrigued by computer science is sure to find posts of Eppstein both informative and entertaining. He simply writes about everything from the perspective of computer science.

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This blog is managed and owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A close look at computer science assignment help forums will help you understand that blogs are rich in content. The university specialises in research, implying that the published content is credible and trustworthy. Furthermore, the blogs cover all kinds of computer science topics. So it is ideal for students who aim to pursue computer science or already pursuing it.

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If you go through R studio assignment help tutorials, you will understand that this is a remarkable programming-oriented blog on Medium. They publish countless incredible articles every day from multiple authors, all curated and edited to make sure of remarkable content.

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They also cover a diverse range of subjects and languages for programming, with content for both beginners and advanced readers. If you aim to develop programming skills, this is a must-have on your daily reading list.


Despite claiming to be the thoughts of an amateur in mathematics and computation, bit-player is actually authored by Brian Hayes. Brian is a one-time 'Computing Science' columnist at American Scientist. His posts are always based on computer science yet cover various topics like linguistics, neuroscience, biology, and social sciences.

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Next time before you say, 'I need assignment help 4 me’, ensure to go through the remarkable blogs mentioned above. It will enable you to renew and assess your knowledge to keep your passion for the field of study alive.

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