Mobile Radio Single Band in stock 6150 Professional CB Radio 鈥?Emergency Radio, Mobile Radio,Travel Essentials, 200Channels, CTCSS/DCS, Two Way Radio Up to 200 memory channels for programming frequencies and various other data: (If memory channels are assigned names, up to 100 memory channels can be used). Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) or Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) to reject unwanted calls from other stations. Equipped with a large LCD liquid crystal display capable of displaying numbers and letters, the information is very easy to read. Provides free PC software (memory control program) that can be used to program the radio frequency, signaling and other settings. GENERAL Frequency Range400-470M; 400-490M Number of Channels200 channels ModelF3E (FM) Antenna impedance50惟 Operating Voltage24V DC卤15% SquelchCTCSS/DCS/DTMF Frequency Stability卤2.5 ppm Operating Temperature-20鈩儈+60鈩?/p> RECEIVER Wide bandNarrow band Sensitivity (12dB Sinad)鈮?.2渭V鈮?.25渭V Audio distortion鈮?% Audio power output鈮?W Audio output impedance8惟 TRANSMITTER Power OutputHigh: 50dB Low: 46dB ModulationReactance Maximum frequency offsetWide band: 卤5kHz Narrow band: 卤2.5kHz Spurious Emission鈮?0dB Microphone impedance600惟 Audio Distortion鈮?%Mobile Radio Single Band in stock website: