best Price Rebar Tools Description: Manual rebar bender cutter has a long two-piece handle and a cam mechanism that provides the correct radius bend for rebars up to #5 (5/8鈥?. It features an adjustable 2-1/2鈥?(63.5mm) diameter bending roller and replaceable cutting jaws that incorporate two open slots with replaceable blades. The sturdy frame design is firmly mounted on a 2鈥?x 8鈥?x 44鈥?wooden board and is ready to use. Other features include a comfortable long no-slip handle grip and a lifting chain and ring to make it easier to carry to and from the job site. Ideal for concrete reinforcement jobs ModelLA-16B Cutting Capacity5/8" #5 rebar Bending angle:0-180 degrees ***Ideal for concrete reinforcement jobs ***50" long handle gives more leverage Jaw Type:Shear Cut One of the most popular tools for manually cutting and bending #3 (10mm), #4 (13mm), and #5 (16mm) rebar is our LA-16B manual bender/cutter! 1.Position the rebar as shown to produce a 90 degree bend with one pull down of the handle. 2.To produce a 180 degree bend, repositioning the 90 degree bent rebar as shown and pull down the handle. How to cut diffeerent sizes of rebar: The top cutting slot is designed for cutting both #5(5/8") and #4(1/2")rebar. Simply put handle in the forward upward position and place rebar for desired cut. Work safely, avoid personal injury: The bottom cutting slot is designed for cutting both #4(1/2") and #3(3/8") reabr. Simply put handle in the forward upward position and place rebar for desired cut. Make sure the rebar is fully placed into the cutting slots. Important safety Notes: Bending and cutting rebar requres physical strength and coordination, please carefully position your feet and body firmly to avoid any slipping or body injuries. Use your body weight and the units leverage to minimize the effort to bend and cut. Keep body parts away from bending and cutting moving parts. How to maintain your manual rebar bender cutter: Remember to periodically lubricate all moving parts. Replacement parts including cutting jaws set are available(see parts breakdown on opposite page).Keep unit clean, be careful not to allow any dirt, dust or other conainments to build on moving parts. It comes mounted on a wooden board because it much easier to bend and cut rebar on a stable platform. If wooden board need replacement, we recommend replacing it with another 2"*8"*44" wooden board available from any lumber store. Should you be interested in any of our products, please contact us directly. Thanks! Email:[email protected] Mobile phone/Whatsapp:0086-18802956872best Price Rebar Tools website: