This includes:

  • 1. Verification of your data with you over the Phone/Email/SMS
  • 2. Adding a clean skip-traced 9-digit number to your CPN Package
  • 3. Complete CPN Package build-out
  • 4. Over 79+ Public Records Submissions

*If you want to upgrade the basic package with additional Authorized User tradelines to give your file more age and higher approved credit cards when applying ask your represenative when you call.



Primary Tradelines


We have over 12 primary Tradeline accounts you can take advantage of if you are interested. 10 days after Public Records Submissions ask us for the Primary Tradelines list. Primary Tradelines require an $8-$25 a month fee which you would self manage if you are wanting to increase or post your score in addition to the trades we will be adding to your new credit file. Typically only 1-3 months orthe Primary Account service needs to be paid for the Primary Tradeline to stay on your credit profile forever.


We have many people wanting a Buy CPN Packages to get into an apartment, rent a house or buy an automobile.

With our Basic CPN Package or above they enjoy only paying 1st months rent and a low or no security deposit.


Why is this?


When you have a credit score above 690 typically and you have a good background with no evictions you get the best move-in deals.


Another reason people enjoy getting Same Day CPN Packages from us is when applying for an automobile and getting low interest rates on loans.


The money you pay for a CPN Package becomes minuscule compared to all the interest, fees and down-payments people have to pay with bad credit to get into an apartment or auto.


Please keep in mind anyone including us that sell “same day cpn packages” may be able to get you the new CPN Package file HOWEVER, your public records will not be indexed immediately. It usually takes 10 days for all the Public Records Submissions to populate into the national databases.


That is why we recommend at a minimum our Basic New CPN File Package or above. Not only do you get a great credit score and file you can build on with confidence, but 7 day support as well.


Our CPN Package credit privacy file numbers are generated from our CPN Software algorithm that has been validated by a team of attorneys to assure compliance.


We DO NOT sell CPN Packages with Credit Privacy Numbers that come from dead people, children or any living entity period.