Timeshare Freedom Group lawsuit: judge using a gavel

Most people who have signed a timeshare contract will tell you that the experience is terrible. Ever-increasing annual maintenance fees, the inability to schedule a vacation, the cost of repairs, and changing corporate ownership make the experience feel like an inescapable money pit. It’s no surprise then that many timeshare owners turn to exit companies to escape their contracts. 


When you’re looking for a timeshare exit company, though, you should be careful. Timeshare Exit Team, for example, allegedly advised its customers to stop paying fees and caused them to wind up in foreclosure. The similarly named Timeshare termination team shocked everyone when they suddenly closed their doors, leaving both customers and employees high and dry.


Another example of a timeshare exit company making life difficult for its customers is Timeshare Freedom Group (TFG) in Laguna Hills, California. Like many timeshare exit companies, TFG advertised timeshare exit services with a money-back guarantee.


As indicated by TFG’s complaints and poor response rate at the Better Business Bureau, the company has become known for taking upfront fees from customers and then ghosting them, not returning their phone calls, and leaving them in an even worse financial position.


Unfortunately, however, TFG’s legal troubles go far beyond their individual customer difficulties. There are lawsuits against them from timeshare developers about a variety of topics, in addition to serious criminal charges against one of the company’s executives. The company’s legal problems, which involve their legal partners, are serious enough that they can result in the kinds of problems that their customers complain of.


In this article, we’ll take a look at these problems and how they have affected the legal standing of the company and its executives. We’ll also examine a new company, Forza Consumer Group, that was started by the same attorney who represented a TFG executive in his attempted murder case.


Finally, we’ll show you the difference that you can experience with a timeshare exit company that doesn’t have all of these legal problems and drama: Centerstone Group.


Timeshare Freedom Group Lawsuits From Bluegreen Vacations and Diamond Resorts

As the customers and employees of Timeshare Termination Team learned the hard way, civil lawsuits from timeshare developers can quickly sink your business if you’re not doing everything right. 


One of the lawsuits involving Timeshare Termination Team (Case No. 1:2020cv25318, pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida) also involves Timeshare Freedom Group; one of its executives, Jordan Salkin; and Salkin’s criminal case attorney, Michael A. Molfetta.


That particular lawsuit, which at the time of this writing is ongoing according to its docket on Justia.com, involved the alleged false advertising and diversion of payments from Bluegreen Vacations. While Timeshare Termination Team has since shut down its business, Michael A. Molfetta and one of his businesses, a law firm known as Molfetta Law, LLC, are actively litigating the matter.


A similar case was also filed in the U.S. District Court in Florida (Case No. 6:2020cv01668) by Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection Development, LLC. That case also involves TFG, Jordan Salkin, Michael A. Molfetta, and Molfetta Law, LLC. It appears that the claims in that case were partially settled in mid-2022 and, shortly after, Molfetta and his law group were dismissed from that case.


A review of the documents in these cases shows extensive, complex litigation taking place over years. While the fact that a complaint was brought against someone does not necessarily mean that the defendant is legally liable, the fact remains that complicated and costly legal issues tend to follow both TFG and its associated legal counsel throughout the country.


As with Timeshare Termination Team, these legal proceedings can slow down or even stop any timeshare exit plan you may have with that company. They can even potentially cause you to lose your money and have to start the whole process over again. And that’s even before you start considering the legal problems that can result when a member of your timeshare exit company is charged with attempted murder.