In most people's opinion, when it comes to kraft paper packaging, the first thought may be file bags, envelopes, kraft paper tape, corrugated cardboard and so on. Actually, the application scope of kraft paper is very extensive, in the field such as auto parts, cosmetics, medicines, ceramics, household articles can see the figure of kraft paper. Kraft paper is also common in food packaging. For example, when you walk into KFC McDonald's, Pizza Hut packaging food, you will find that packaging paper bags are mostly brown paper; Some snack bags are made of brown paper; A lot of bread, tea packaging will also choose kraft paper. In addition, in the frozen packaging industry, kraft paper is also very popular, such as beef, lamb and other fresh food is used to wrap kraft paper.
  Kraft paper is a very important packaging material for food packaging industry. In the past ten years, Hyde to Paper Bag Wholesalers in-depth excavation, involving a wide range of fields, in the field of food packaging applications have also accumulated a lot of experience. So what is it about kraft paper that makes people choose to use it for packaging?
  kraft paper packaging
  The charm of kraft paper packaging
  Buffering and heat preservation function. Different from general paper, ripple wall paper cup is flexible and strong, high tear strength and rupture resistance, not easy to break under greater tension and pressure, with good packaging performance, in the process of transportation can reflect its good protection. For example, when dealing with the fragile food such as bottled or glass packaging, buffering kraft paper is used more. Through the special equipment to roll the paper into a unique cushioning performance of the paper pad. Kraft paper has strong tensile ability, good compression resistance, flexural resistance, can absorb 90% of the low impact force, both environmental protection and peace of mind.
  Green, environmental protection, in line with the requirements of sustainable development. Kraft paper using natural raw materials, the degree of environmental pollution is small, and can be recycled, renewable, natural degradation, is the real green, environmental protection of sustainable development packaging materials. 53% of kraft pulp comes from recycled pulp.
  Low cost, fast production with equipment. Compared with plastic and other packaging materials, paper packaging has comprehensive cost advantages, such as simple operation, saving storage space, fast production on demand, reducing labor intensity, saving labor costs and so on. With special equipment can adapt to a variety of packaging operation environment, can not only meet the high-speed production operation, but also to create a safe, reliable and beautiful packaging. In the field of food packaging, Hyde can combine cushioning, filling, packaging and other packaging solutions for different products to provide strong protection for food.
  Simple and beautiful appearance. Kraft paper is available in primary color and white. Hyde can also create its own logo and independent design with a variety of color lining papers. The appearance of the original color is simple and warm, while the white kraft paper is clean and beautiful, which can effectively improve the unpacking experience and convey the brand concept and reputation.
  Kraft paper performs very well in terms of function and application, environmental protection and fashion. At present, more and more attention to sustainable development, kraft paper packaging is gaining the favor of all industries and consumers worldwide. Hyde Ring company is a professional production of paper products. The company adopts advanced technology and equipment and high quality raw materials to develop different specifications of paper products. Hyde will continue to firmly promote kraft paper packaging solutions, help kraft paper more popular in the field of paper bag suppliers, together to protect the green earth!