We often create groups on whatsapp with our friends to be connected with them or to share things with them. But what people struggle with are the names which you must select group name for whatsapp

So, to help you with the same we are going to tell you about some amazing whatsapp group names for friends groups which you can use for your friends group. 

Best whatsapp group names for friends on whatsapp 

  • The nerd herd 
  • Back benchers 
  • Game of phones 
  • Tech turtles 
  • Mavericks 
  • Justice league 
  • The squad 
  • Family forever 
  • Hustlers 
  • Unstoppables 
  • Homies 
  • Apna adda 
  • Happy home 
  • Coolest family 
  • Good times 
  • Mad mouse 
  • Bro gang 
  • Amazing pals 
  • Lucky charms 
  • The top businesses 
  • Hawk insights 
  • Rising stars 
  • Team passion 
  • Family bind 
  • We can do it 
  • Best friends club 
  • Create chaos  
  • The outlaws 
  • Brother from diff mothers 

Cool names for whatsapp groups of friends 

If you want to give your friends group name for whatsapp a cool name then here are some suggestions which we have for you, which you can consider or take help from. 

  • Corporate life 
  • Happy hour 
  • The minions 
  • Unfired 
  • No spamming 
  • Smile please 
  • Coffee lovers 
  • Weekend kings 
  • We are hulks 
  • Rock and roll 
  • Hike and bike 
  • Deals over meals 
  • First steps 
  • Dream team 
  • Great mates 
  • Walky talky 
  • Full on go getters 
  • The unknowns 
  • Full on 
  • Chat lounge 
  • My people 
  • The pro bros 

So, these were some of the ideas for whatsapp group name which you can use for your group which you have created with your friends on Whatsapp.