Stick vacuums have long been the favorite of both homeowners and professional carpet cleaners. The multiple functions of a stick vacuum make them versatile and perfect for any type of household use. The best stick vacuums are those that offer powerful suction power as well as the highest level of durability and ease of maintenance.


Stick vacuums are often marketed as being used primarily for cleaning carpets, but this is not really true. These powerful vacuum cleaners can be used on all types of surfaces including hard surfaces such as tile floors, floor coverings, furniture, rugs, and more. This is particularly useful in larger households where many people live in one area. The downside to a stick vacuum is that they are not the most portable, so unless you need to move them around frequently, stick vacuums would not be the best option for your needs. However, stick vacuums can be used for other purposes as well.


One of the best features of a stick vacuum is its ability to collect dust and debris that are accumulated over time. Although these vacuums are also known as dusters, a new name is being given to these vacuums because of their dual nature. You will find that with the switch to a stick vacuum you will be able to save money by avoiding frequent vacuuming because there will be less dust and debris collected. The best stick cordless vacuum under $100 added benefit is that you will also be able to use your stick vacuum to clean floor mats and the occasional carpet or rug without having to remove them completely to use the vacuum.


Before making your purchase, make sure that you have all of the necessary features included in a great multi-function unit. For example, if you plan to use your stick vacuum for other purposes as well, make sure that you are buying a vacuum that has extra features that will be useful in all of the situations that you will use it. If you do not have a dust collection system, for example, you will find that a vacuum with additional features such as wheels and a removable filter bag are more useful for a variety of tasks.


Most stick vacuums feature brushes that allow them to remove grease, hair, and other debris from the surfaces they are cleaned on. They also usually come with a plastic brush holder. Another very popular feature is the ability to dry the surface you are cleaning by using a brush attachment. By using a brush attachment you can clean large areas quickly and effortlessly.


If you are looking for a powerful vacuum that is highly portable, you may want to consider buying a high quality stick vacuum that comes with a carrying case. A good stick vacuum is designed to carry large amounts of vacuum cleaner fluid and to accommodate the many different models of vacuum cleaner that are available. Although many people like to use a stick vacuum for even the smallest of jobs around the home, you will want to consider purchasing a quality vacuum cleaner that can perform the task on any type of surface.


The best stick vacuum is the one that has the right combination of features and specifications. After reviewing many reviews and test reports about many different models, there is one particular model that stands out above the rest as being one of the best overall units. This specific model features a large motor that is capable of powering even the heaviest of vacuums.


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