Goods are handled either manually or using automated machines in warehouses. Handling manually uses a variety of tools and instruments to lift heavy loads. Nowadays, modern warehouses utilize a lot of equipment for moving, storing, controlling and dispatching the goods inside the warehouse. This modern material handling equipment helps to reduce manual effort and efficiently manage loads. 

There are various kinds of material handling equipment for individual or bulk cargo. These material handling equipment are used inside the warehouse, or in various locations. It is used from the movement of goods until its delivery process. The most common handling equipment is a side loader forklift. Handling equipment is mostly used during the production process and in the final storage and movement of finished goods. The handling equipment helps to minimize the risks associated while manual handling. Personnel involved in operating the equipment need not fear the risk involved in handling the goods. 

Manual Pallet Trolley

This equipment is used to manually move pallets in the warehouse. The pallets are placed on the trolley and then manually carried out. There will be a sturdy fork placed in front of the trolley. Then it will be moved around the storage facility.

Battery-Powered Pallet Trolley

It uses an electric-powered battery on the lower side of the trolley which is used to lower, move and control the pallets. Even there will be seating for a person to operate it.

Forklift and Reach Truck

The multi-directional forklift truck is a type of industrial vehicle that can be used to move, carry and load heavy goods in a truck. These vehicles can lift a weight of 50,000 kilograms. 

The reach truck is comparatively smaller than a forklift and is used in narrow spaces where they can pick up and set down heavy loads.

Straddle Carriers

 It is also called a straddle truck. It is a freight-carrying vehicle which carries the load beneath it and then straddles. In a conventional truck, the load is placed on top. Its advantage is to load and unload heavy materials without using a forklift. Straddle carriers are very useful in lifting heavy weights.

Heavy-duty cantilever racks

They are very much ideal in a warehouse. They can able to store long, uneven rods and also enables much fewer bottlenecks in the warehouse. The heavy duty cantilever racks manufacture and supply the best handling equipment. They are one of the leading suppliers of this equipment.