The Ministry of Hajj of the Saudi Kingdom is responsible to manage all of the religious affairs of Saudi Arabia, specifically, the matters of Hajj and Umrah that are the two biggest gatherings on earth. The Ministry’s objective is to make it sure that the pilgrims are performing their Hajj and Umrah in ease and are not facing any sort of difficulty whatsoever on the Saudi land. If you want to perform Hajj or Umrah, you have to book Cheap umrah packages Bradford or Hajj Packages respectively. 

Municipality of Holy Makkah is the Municipality in Makkah controlling and managing all of the internal as well as external affairs of the pious city. The municipality makes it sure that the city does not encounter any sort of problem in any department.

Hajj and Umrah are the events of massive gatherings in which millions of people pleat around the holy Kabah. For the successful proceeding of such big occasions, lots of planning and preparations are required beforehand. To execute the successful happening of the pilgrimages, municipality of Makkah and Ministry of Hajj of the Saudi Kingdom came in contact and discuss numerous issues on a number of concerns.

Both of the entities elicited their interest in bestowing the best to the people of Makkah and also the pilgrims on the land of Makkah for the holy purpose. The municipality and the Ministry showed their commitment and asked to look forward to work together. Both bodies were positive to produce remarkable results as they work together especially in the Umrah season in Ramadan and during Hajj season.

The main focus in the meeting was on bequeathing services and amenities to the pilgrims to make their Umrah/ Hajj spree the most congenial. From their accommodation to transportation and edibles, the authorities were concerning to improve the facilities.

The governor of Municipality of Makkah city Dr. Osama ibn Fadl Al- Bar emphasized on the eminence of relationship between the two administrative authorities and that there coordination will be helpful in bestowing facilitation to the pilgrims. He said that it is important to work together if the authorities want to endeavor the best to the people of Makkah as well as the foreigners who have come here on the Saudi land for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah.

During the meeting, there was special focus on managing the pilgrims who visited Makkah and Madinah for the performance of Umrah in the month of Ramadan as well the ones who come here for the deliverance of Hajj (the major pilgrimage). Both the events are the times of heavy crowds and without proper planning; it is not possible to accommodate such huge number of people peacefully.

Umrah in Ramadan is the Ibadah that every Muslim desires to perform even once in his life. Prophet Muhammad SAWW emphasized on performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan as the virtue to perform it in Ramadan is equivalent to that of performing Hajj. Every Muslim struggles hard to get a chance of delivering Umrah in Ramadan so that he can gain as much Baraka as he can. Everyone tries to supplicate and pray on the holy land of Kabah in Ramadan and therefore Makkah receives an endless number of pilgrims in the holy month.

Hajj is the most massive congregation in which pilgrims from all around the world gather at a single place (around the pious Kabah) to pray in front of their Lord and ask forgiveness. Around 2 million assemble around the holy Kabah and perform their pilgrimage every year.

In order to manage such a number of people is a tough task and without planning beforehand, it is impossible to accommodate such a big number of pilgrims in a single city at the same time. However, in order to avoid any sort of mishap or suffering, the Municipality of Makkah and the Ministry of Hajj are making it sure to improve the facilitation system of the city of Makkah.

The authorities not only discuss the matter of pilgrimage and how to provide convenience to the pilgrims but also about the other development projects on which both of the authorities are in collaboration with one another. In order to perform the Umrah you must have the Umrah Visa  and bookings for the Islamic travel umrah packages 2023.The purpose of it again is to get the excellent results in both Makkah and Madinah. There are certain construction and renovation projects going to take place in both of the cities where both of the authorities are engaged in bequeathing extraordinary services. Both of the consultants are aiming high to achieve the best for the development of cities and therefore are participating well to attain outstanding results.