Knowing how to choose the right custom body pillows that allows a restful and deep sleep is very important, not only for our physical health but also for our mental well-being. Sleeping and resting well is a fundamental aspect. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information about it, in addition to the fact that customers are often not sufficiently updated on the subject. In recent years, studies and research have been carried out that have made it possible to significantly improve the products for a good quality of sleep, using materials that were not on the market years ago. 

Old pillows are absolutely not suitable for the correct quality of sleep, this aspect is now consolidated and well known. During sleep, all the weight of the body is discharged on the muscles of the neck and back, therefore a worn pillow is no longer a functional pillow, as well as an old and deformed mattress. 



How to choose the right pillow?

Recent studies have shown that it would take a pillow for every position and with customized sizes and thicknesses; we could almost say that the perfect pillow does not exist. When choosing a dakimakura pillow it is essential to take into account two factors:

1)   What is the most used position during sleep?

2)   How high should my pillow be?

Some tips on pillow models

Pillows with a double cervical wave shape are more suitable for those who constantly maintain a supine position. Height will be determined by the cervical lordosis curve, the structure and weight of the neck, and how the mattress supports the back.

The pillows with a soap shape but with a cervical area a little lower than the nape area are instead excellent for sleeping comfortably on the side, being able to count on a slightly lower cervical area that helps to maintain better neck alignment.


What about the pillow for those who sleep on their stomach?


There is no perfect pillow for those who sleep on their stomach, if not one that has a particular shape where to insert the upper respiratory tract, mouth, and nose, keeping the head straight without having to turn it, which consequently leads to muscle tension on the cervical. It must be said that the prone position is always wrong because it is unnatural compared to the morphology of the human body and is very often the cause of the typical lumbar back pain or the typical cervical pain.

However, we could recommend the classic soap-shaped pillow because it is usually the one most adaptable to customers' habits. We repeat: unfortunately, it is not always the best choice. The advice is always to make a correct evaluation together with a good professional in the sector.



Why do we have neck pain with the wrong pillow?


The neck is the area that best lends itself to modifying its structure, as it is one of the most mobile parts of our body; for this reason, if you use a pillow that is not suitable for your needs, the cervical will be the first point to be affected.
Obviously, there are people more prone to suffer from this disorder and others less, but it must be said that the more you go on with the years, the more you need an excellent mattress and a pillow specially designed for the cervical because in the long run the quality of sleep suffers Cushions that are too soft in which the head sinks into or, on the contrary, too stiff, cause the cervical muscles of the spine to be placed in an unnatural position. Research has shown that the cause of cervical pain is using the wrong pillow or an old one that no longer plays its role.