We already buy practically everything online, and there are many advantages of doing so, but, above all, we don't have to leave home, and the order reaches us quickly and whenever we want. It is useful and practical, but it is not always safe to do it without following some rules or some advice that does not put our security at risk. To avoid future problems, we review how to buy online safely, what advice you should follow, and what you should look for when choosing one store over another or letting yourself be carried away by the offers.

If you usually buy online, you may already know all the tips for buying online safely , but if not, we have compiled some basic ideas that you should keep in mind to avoid scams, dangers, risks, and insecurity. What should you look for when choosing an online store, what are the rights you have as a consumer or what are the best payment methods, etc.

There are few who today have never bought online. It has some important advantages, such as the possibility of making the purchase at the time we want, of making the purchase without leaving home, or of comparing prices without having to go store by store. In many cases we also find better prices or have a much broader catalog to choose from than what we find in a physical store. We avoid displacement, we avoid queues, and we can buy from anywhere through a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with an Internet connection. It is fast and very practical.

Basic tips


Although in the following paragraphs we will give you in-depth advice on how to detect a fake website or how to avoid problems when buying online, there are some basic tips that you can follow if you want to avoid regretting what you have done in the future. very basic tips to buying online safely, and that, in most cases, just use common sense.

Find information about the store

Look for real product reviews and information about any website or product. Make sure that the page inspires trust and that it is secure, check its reliability: look at the payment methods, contact information, etc. Look for information not only in the store itself, which usually has a Frequently Asked Questions" or Who we are web page, for example. But also look on social networks, on opinion pages, on Google itself if there are reviews, complaints, or opinions there.

Be wary of attractive offers

The Internet is full of offers, but always be wary if it is too flashy or there is too much difference in price between one website and another. If a mobile phone for 900 dollars is on a website at 100 dollars, it will not seem very reliable. There are always exceptions and sales times, but do not get carried away or fall for the cheapest, and it is important to check the reliability of the website you are going to use.

Is it new or not?

Beware of offers. Following the above, there may be a very attractive offer and you have not read the fine print. A phone that is usually worth 900 dollars and is now worth 100 dollars . Beware, is it new? Many brands and online stores offer refurbished products , especially in the technology sector, so we must make sure that it meets what we are looking for. That it is reconditioned does not mean that it is worse, but do not fall into believing that it is new when it is not, for example.

Amazon offers both Amazon Renewed and Amazon Warehouse. The difference between the two is that Amazon Warehouse products are not problematic or used, but have been returned by someone and have an open box, for example, or that the box is slightly damaged by transport or handling in the warehouse, but they are in perfect condition and unused.

Compare prices

Compare prices to find out if you're getting a good deal or not. Do not buy from the first website you see, and do not always trust the offers. In other words, comparing prices will help us see what the usual cost of the product is, as we have explained in the previous paragraph. Beyond doing it manually, there are also online comparators that offer us results from various pages or stores in real time. or comparators that tell us if it really is a good offer.