Insulation grants are an ideal resort for low income households when fuel prices are skyrocketing to increase fuel poverty worldwide. Home Insulation People across the world are intensely aware of the 'red alert' of global warming, climate shift and also concerned of reducing carbon footprint is imperative to resist fatal signs. Hence to reduce requirement of carbon dioxide based heat generated through burning fossil fuel home insulation is the only way out.


Home insulation involves the process of creating a barrier by adding heat resistant materials to the spaces that are a catalyst for heat loss from a property. Several areas in our homes allow air passage, such as floors, gaps between layers in the external walls, doors and windows, attic space etc. Studies have shown that around


o 25% of the heat escapes through windows and doors

o 15% of the heat escapes through floors

o 35% of the heat loss occurs through cavity walls

o 25% of the heat through the roof


Therefore, home insulation and insulation grants tend to vary according to area requiring insulation. However, costs of installing insulation are beyond affordable limits for low income families thus making them avoid installing insulation in their homes. To encourage these incapable households afford fitting insulation, the government has announced various types of insulation grants programs. These insulation grants schemes are available in varying types of funds allocations including -


- Insulation awards

- 100% insulation grants assistance or free insulation

- Partial grants scheme (partial grants scheme supports 50% to 75% costs)

- Insulation loans


As the winter is approaching with cold winds to blow in your house, the best way to winterize your building is to provide it with a blanket of insulation. Nonetheless, thermal insulation treatment gives an assurance of comfort and stability in room temperature in every season and reduces the threat of carbon dioxide emission in the air. Any Home Insulation homeowners with solid evidence of their ownership of a property can claim at least 50 percent of the estimated cost of fitting the insulation. Thus, whether you want to avert scorching heat of the summer months, moisture build-up throughout the year or the biting cold winds of winter - insulation grants are solutions to ease the costs of insulation and retain comfort and warmth inside the home.