As it pertains to selecting an air conditioner for a residence, many people have opted for the conventional air conditioners. However nowadays as more and more people are becoming concerned of the surroundings and the effects of global warming,

opting for environment sensitive method of cooling a residence or perhaps a building has been preferred by an increasing number of people in the proper execution of solar air conditioners.

These air conditioners are solar-powered and thus relies on sunlight to be operated. Solar energy has been changed into electrical energy to power these units. With however, they are effective to used in areas receiving abundant sunlight.

People in such areas can take advantage of maximizing the using sunlight to lessen down their electricity bills with the usage of solar air conditioners.

Apparently, solar air conditioners are operated through solar thermal energy conversion, passive solar and best split ac photovoltaic conversion where in sunlight has been changed into electrical energy.

They function either actively or passively. Active cooling systems are further sub-divided into two categories namely the solar desiccant units along with solar absorption units.

Thermal collects exist in solar absorption units functioning to absorb the solar heat and utilize it for dividing the combination of the refrigerant and the absorbent fluid. Once the separation has brought place, the refrigerant is condensed then evaporated. The whole process produces cool air that brings the area temperature at a diminished preferred level.

Meanwhile, passive cooling doesn't utilize solar thermal energy to straightforwardly make a cool environment or drive whatever straightforward cooling. Instead, the rate of heat transfer right into a building during summer has been slowed down thereby enhancing the elimination of unwanted heat. This is what is entailed in the solar building design principle.