As a road user in Britain, it is imperative you understand the requirements that constitute a number plate’s legality and what can render a registration plate non-compliant.

Road Legal 4D Number Plates

If you cannot tell the difference, you run the risk of punishment, including fines being issued by the Police.

Background & Latest Regulations

The current British Standard for UK number plates is BS AU 145e. This became mandatory on 1st September 2021 and all number plates manufactured, sold or fitted from that date must therefore comply.

The new British Standard ‘e’ builds upon BS AU 145d to ensure public safety and security through ANPR camera readings and harder, more resilient plates being produced.

At Aplates, our registration plates are 100% UK road legal and MOT compliant, as they adhere to the aforementioned standards.

What Makes A Number Plate Character Road Legal?

Number plates must have characters that comply with the criteria set out in BS AU 145e.

The characters must be solid black in the prescribed Charles Wright typeface, and they need to comply with the rules governing size, spacing, grouping and positioning.

Number plates may optionally have raised 3D characters of plain black colour (known as “4D” number plates), provided that they meet all requirements of the British Standard.

About Company

Founded in 2019, Aplates has undergone intense growth over the past two years.Consequently, our operation has expanded significantly, and we now boast two premises: a manufacturing workshop and an assembly unit; both of which are located in Westbury, Wiltshire.

We have invested heavily in the equipment required to produce premium, high-quality products. This is exemplified in each and every plate we make, as we ensure the utmost care throughout the production process.

Professionalism is paramount to everything we do here at Aplates. Therefore, we endeavour to provide customers with the very best experience available on the market.

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