Discover Nate's Hot Sauce collection, featuring the best guava hot sauce and homemade sauces in San Diego. Indulge in tequila-infused hot sauces like Tequila Lime and Jalapeno Tequila. Spice up your dishes with our premium selection of online hot sauces

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About Company

We started making homemade sauces to pair with the perfect California burrito. San Diego is blessed with the best burritos on every corner! Unfortunately, the same is not true about the sauce. These burritos, and the world, deserve a better sauce!  We think our sauces are better due to a few principles we established to make our sauce a more better sauce.

Our #1 ingredient will always be peppers of some sort, makes sense to us for hot sauce.  No added sugar, we use fruit if we want to add some sweet, nature is sweet enough without processed foods. Hand crafted sauces with fresh ingredients taste better to us, so we keep it fresh and only make flavors we love, hope you do too!

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