The Vudu app contains many free Movies and TV Shows but some of the recent movies and TV Shows are available for sale and rent. Technically, Vudu is not just a free app it is a paid app too.

Vudu is an online digital video-on-demand streaming service that provides access to movies and TV shows on Android, iOS, and Windows PC without any monthly subscription fee unlike Netflix or Hulu. You are to pay only for the shows and movies you watch. Users can simply rent movies and TV shows for 24 hours or outright buy content online to watch at any time on any supported device.

For viewers looking for free content, also provides thousands of movies and TV shows to watch for free with limited commercials.

Vudu has one of the largest libraries of movies and TV titles for sale and rental that you can stream, out of all the streaming services out there.

Now that we know what is Vudu let’s look into and what are its key features to make your movie/TV viewing more customized.

Features of Vudu streaming app

The key features of Vudu streaming app are,

1. According to your Internet speed, you can select the video quality for your content (SD, HD, HDX and UHD);

2. With Vudu’s ‘List’ option you can create personalized libraries of your favourite movies and TV shows according to genre, characters, period or any way you want;

3. It offers tools to skip scenes with content not appropriate for kids and offers a kids store loaded with age-appropriate content with instructions on how to access these features.;

4. Vudu can convert the movies you own on your computer or smartphone to digital movies, which you can watch without using data or an Internet connection;

5. Vudu connects with a cloud-based digital locker to keep all your movies in one place;

6. Vudu offers a section of free movies with a collection of thousands of movies (including award winning movies) and TV shows with limited commercials;

Devices compatible with Vudu streaming app

Here is a list of devices on which you can access start code

1. Smart TVs (Select models from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio);

2. Gaming Consoles (Nvidia, Xbox 360 and later, PlayStation 3 and 4);

3. Streaming Devices (Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast etc.);

4. Blue-Ray Players (Samsung, LG, Sony);

5. Web-Browsers (Chrome, Firefox);

6. Android, iOS, Windows 10 devices, and more;