CISM Certification Training Cost in 2024

The CISM or Certified Information Security Manager training is a specific globally recognized course designed to validate the knowledge and skills of Information Security experts. The gained expertise through this course helps the professionals to mitigate and manage cybersecurity risks.

Since the demand for this course is increasing, individuals want to know the CISM Certification training cost in 2024. To help them, this comprehensive guide will further unveil the total cost that candidates need to pay to have the certification training. It will also discuss the factors that influence the overall expenses of the certification course. So, without much delay, let's quickly jump in!

Why Individuals Should Go for CISM Training in 2024?


The reasons behind taking CISM training are many. First of all, it helps the professionals get quick career growth in the Information Security Management. Furthermore, companies are giving more value to the experts with CISM certificate. So, before you know the total CISM Certification cost, you should know the benefits of this training. Here are the advantages mentioned below-

·   The CISM training enhances career opportunities and helps in personal growth as well. With the certificate, the professionals can get a salary hike than the non-certified professionals. According to a survey, there will be an increase of almost 11% in the number of CISM experts.

·   The training equips the experts with in-depth skills and knowledge regarding Information security. As a result, they can meet the improving requirements for the skilled practitioners.

·   With the help of the CISM training, you can also get access to all the resources, including self-assessment training, group training, and various study materials.

The CISM Certification Training Cost in 2024

First of all, the Certified Information Security Management CISM cost is divided into different ways. So, you need to know the cost breakdown to understand better how you need to pay in total. Here is the breakdown-

1.    Registration Cost

The registration cost of the CISM training is subject to change. So, it is always better to check the price on the official website of ISACA. But, you must remember the registration fees of both the members of ISACA and non-members.

·   For Early Registration

If you register early, you get the chance to enjoy the reduced registration cost for the CISM certification training. Individuals who are members of ISACA need to pay US $525. But, if you are not a member of ISACA, you must pay US $710.

·   For Final Registration

For the final registration, individuals need to pay accelerated CISM cost. So, the final registration cost for ISACA members is US $575. The individuals who are not members of ISACA need to pay US $760.

2.    Exam Re-take Fees

The CISM examination re-take policy was implemented in 2019. So, it is worth noting that individuals can take the exam four times a year which means the initial attempt and extra three attempts.

When you cannot pass the first attempt, you can re-take the exam and go for a second attempt after 30 days of the first attempt. Then, the third attempt will be taken after 90 days of the second attempt, and you can re-take the exam the fourth time after 90 days of the third attempt. Each time, you need to pay the total CISM exam cost, which is US $575 for ISACA members and US $760 for non-members.

Factors that Influence the CISM Certification Training Cost in 2024

When talking about the ISACA Certification training cost, the individuals must know the factors that influence the total expenditure. Here are some of the factors that play a pivotal role in determining the total expenses of this certification training.

·      Course Duration and Intensity

One of the most prominent factors that influence the cost is the duration and intensity of the CISM training course. Longer and more intensive courses come with higher prices. So, it is always better to go with a 5-day course that comes at lower prices. These courses are not only cost-effective but also provide in-depth knowledge regarding Information security management.

·      Training Delivery Formats

The way the training is delivered to the candidates also determines the overall cost of ISACA CISM Certification. Different training delivery formats come with specific prices. The traditional person training program may have included expenses related to venue price and other printed materials. But, if they give you e-Study materials, you may save money. However, whenever choosing training delivery formats, consider factors such as learning style, budget, and preferences.

·      Study Materials and Resources

The resources and study materials also come under the total expense for CISM training. The quantity and quality of the study materials, including practice exams, textbooks, and reference guides, vary. However, it is worth noting that external resources come with a higher price. But, most programs come with high-quality study materials to maximize the learning outcomes of the training.

How to Get the CISM Training Certification in UAE?

To get the CISM Certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, - UAE Region. You need to meet the following criteria-

·   First, you must clear the CISM exam to start the training.

·   Individuals who will apply for CISM Certification training must have at least 3 years of experience in Information security management.

·   To pass the exam, you must have a score of 450 out of 800. However, if you cannot clear it in one go, you can re-take the exam 3 times more.

·   Candidates must earn and report 120 CPE or Continuing Professional Education hours in 3 years, along with 20 CPE hours each year.

·   All the candidates also must adhere to the ISACA code of professional ethics.

Once you meet all the criteria and pass the exam, you will receive the certificate after completion of your CISM training.


If you wish to learn Information security in a more structured way, you must go for the CISM training program. The guide has critically discussed the CISM Certification training cost to help you understand whether the training is suitable for you.

It also explores the factors that determine the overall costs of this training and the prerequisites for getting the CISM training certificate. However, if you cannot take the exam due to a low budget, it is worth noting that you can easily reschedule your exam time.

By obtaining a CISM certification, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the IT industry and advance their careers. Talk to our experts to get in-detail information about the course training now