Her name is Pinky. Her complexion is very fair and her blue eyes are intoxicating. Her fluffy lips and the way she looks instantly blows the senses. She always has a cute smile on her face, which makes her as beautiful as an angel. That day she was looking like a doom in black saree. Her age will be 28 and don't ask about her figure. What a great figure. Her figure will be 36 – 28 – 38. If anyone sees it, his mouth will water. Don't know how my brother's luck was so good. Sister-in-law took me to a room to freshen up and went downstairs herself. I freshened up, went down, had dinner, and started working. After 2 passed, the team got to take some rest. So I started watching TV in my sister-in-law's room. Just then sister-in-law came with tea. We both sat together, drank tea, and started talking. I said – Sister-in-law, don't you have work? My Sister-in-law replied – Friend, the whole body is feeling pain. I want to take some rest. I said – Okay sister-in-law. You rest. I go out. My Sister-in-law said – Sit here. Will keep talking. My Sister-in-law asked – You are not coming. Don't you remember us? Me – It's not like that, sister-in-law. Just don't get time. I remain busy in my studies.



Look, as soon as I got time, I came to meet you guys. Sister-in-law – Stop it. Study or girl.  Me – Sister-in-law, the breakup happened. (Sister-in-law used to talk openly with me already) Now I am preparing to make another one. Sister-in-law – Okay, who is it? I – Your sister Pooja. I like it very much. Please help me. Sister-in-law – Okay boy. You have an eye on my sister.  Why should I? Does he already have someone? Sister-in-law – I don't know. But he is against love. He doesn't believe in love. Me – Oh, now I will have to live alone. By the way, sister-in-law, the love between you and your brother must be great, isn't it? (Sister-in-law first became sad after hearing this and then became silent. I remained silent completely). I felt something wrong and then I asked her – What happened Bhabhi? Why is there sadness on your face? You can tell me. We both are friends, right? Sister-in-law – I love you very much. Never lets you miss home. Always keeps you happy. There is no shortage of anything. Their family members also treat me like a daughter. Me – So what is the problem? Then what my sister-in-law said – I was completely shocked. She said – I will never be able to become a mother and she suddenly started crying. I said – OMG…sister-in-law showed me to the doctor. She said – See, you also told me. The problem is not in me but in your brother. Only I and your brother know this. No one at home knows. If people come to know... then there will be a big defamation... the family members will also be sad... I don't want anyone to be defamed. Me: But sister-in-law, when will you guys keep quiet? Sometimes we will have to tell and there is no other solution. Sister-in-law – There is a solution.  Me – What do you mean? What solution and what kind of help? (As soon as I heard what my sister-in-law said, the ground slipped from beneath my feet). Sister-in-law – Your brother and I have decided that we have to carry someone's child in our womb and then we will not let anyone know. Me – Sister-in-law, what are you saying? And whose child? Sister-in-law – Your brother wants you to give me a child. Me – How can I, sister-in-law? No, my sister-in-law and I remained silent. But I didn't realize when my brother was listening to our conversation. Brother came and said – Raj.. please help us. He started falling at my feet and I thought a lot and then I felt okay and I said okay to him. Both of them became happy immediately and then brother said – I am ready to send both of you out for 2 days. After some time he came to us and said that I had told the family that his sister-in-law's friend is very ill and sister-in-law has to go.


Everyone has agreed. The next day, my sister-in-law and I went to a hotel took a room, and started resting. We remained silent for some time and then I started kissing my sister-in-law directly on the lips. Sister-in-law also started giving full support and while kissing, both of them became completely naked and started kissing each other. I also started kissing my sister-in-law's boobs and my sister-in-law started moaning by saying 'Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Uhhhh Up'. I said – Bhabhi, are you ready for sex? My Sister-in-law said – Not now. First I want to play with your cock. There's plenty of time to fuck. But I did not agree and came on top of my sister-in-law and then I set my penis on her pussy and gave a strong thrust. This story is just for entertainment and has no connection with real life. I am a resident of a village in Madhya Pradesh, my name is Mohini, and I am 23 years old. This happened 4-5 years ago, I used to go to study in a college 10 miles away from the village because there was no college in our village. I used to wake up every morning at 5 o'clock, do all the household work, and take a bath at 7 o'clock, scrubbing a lot, so that my fair complexion became fairer. I was different among my three friends, among all of them I was 5'5" inches tall, had melon-like breasts, pink in color and anyone would fall in love with me at first sight. The whole village was crazy about my ass. My friends used to tell me how their brothers talked to them about me and recommended to their sisters that I date them! But I used to laugh the whole thing off. I was taught to stay away from boys, they were wrong. There used to be a Peepal tree on the way from the college to the village, people used to say that a ghost lived there who was very peaceful but sometimes when he got angry, he would hit people a lot. One day when I was getting ready to go to college, my father said – Why are you going to college today? Me: Hey Papa, I go every day, what's new today? Papa- But today is Amavasya, there should be a holiday. Me: I was not told, I will go. Papa - No daughter, not today, today is the new moon day, so the ghost of the tree wakes up today. Me- Papa, there is a test today, if I don't go I will fail. Papa- I don't know anything! You will not go today. I agreed with my father and did not go. After finishing all the household work, I took a book and sat down to read. Fell asleep while reading, I dreamed that I was passing by that tree, a very handsome boy came to me and picked me up in his arms and climbed the tree.