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Both games McCaffrey was unable to play in 2016 were the two games he missed in his collegiate career. McCaffrey also proved durable at Stanford where he was often able to get more than 30 touches per game.

Other concerns regarding the player's smaller than ideal ability as a blocker of passes and his capability of running through arm tackles, as McCaffrey did at Stanford. If McCaffrey does not succeed in doing or tackling arm tackles, he may be moved to a change-of pace role, which is hard to justify spending a first-round selection on.

McCaffrey's lifetime average which is 6.2 yards per rush is the most significant statistic of his college career, since his ability as a back will be crucial to making his early selection valuable, even if he helps in other areas.

How McCaffrey works with Carolina

Pretty well! McCaffrey can fit virtually anywhere because he's a dynamic athlete. In a bizarre twist, McCaffrey's style of play in Carolina might be more pro-style than the college unit he played for in Stanford. If you put Cam Newton and McCaffrey in the same backfield the Panthers should have two terrifying running threat in the backfield in the majority of situations. In addition, McCaffrey can flex out as a receiver whenever.

Are the Jets finally realized their offensive identity?

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey -The park is fast and fast to start. Complete your work quickly. Know your stuff. Learn to think like the person who is a champion.

These are the fundamental guidelines and concepts of Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. He is one of many fresh cheap Madden nfl 24 coins offensive coordinators who are trying to ride the wave of the league's perpetually evolving offensive growth. It has always been a premium points football league but never as this. There's no shame in winning 52-48. Just keep piling on the points.