Extra virgin olive oil (AOVE) is much more than a common condiment in the kitchen; It is an elixir of superior quality that contains a wealth of flavors, traditions and health benefits. To fully appreciate and enjoy this culinary treasure, it is essential to understand how to choose it and value its distinctive qualities.

Selection and Origins:

The selection of a premium AOVE begins with understanding its origins. The different terroirs, varieties of olives and production methods influence their unique flavors and characteristics. Scanning the labels to identify the place of origin and type of olive will help you discover its particular nuances.

Degree of Acidity and Quality:

The quality of AOVE is reflected in its degree of acidity, with extra virgin being the one with the lowest acidity and highest quality. Looking for the "extra virgin" seal guarantees that you are purchasing a cold-pressed oil, without additives or chemical processes, thus preserving its nutrients and pure flavor.

Tasting and Sensory Appreciation:

Fully enjoying an AOVE involves involving all the senses. Organizing an oil tasting allows you to appreciate its aromas, flavors and textures. From fruity green to spicy or bitter, each sensory note reveals the complexity and quality of the oil you have in front of you.

Uses and Applications:

The versatility of premium AOVE goes beyond being an ally in the kitchen. From salad dressings to sophisticated dishes, their presence enhances the dining experience. Even in desserts and cocktails, it provides unexpected nuances. Furthermore, its use in skin care products reveals its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Conservation and Storage:

 To maintain the freshness and quality of your AOVE, it is essential to store it correctly. Avoiding direct light and heat helps preserve its antioxidant properties and flavor. Sealing the bottle well after each use and keeping it in a cool, dark place is key to preserving its qualities.

Commitment to Sustainability:

When choosing a premium AOVE, consider the producer's commitment to sustainability. Many producers adopt ecological practices that preserve the environment and maintain the integrity of the land, ensuring responsible cultivation that respects nature.

Value Tradition and Quality:

Beyond its culinary exquisiteness, premium AOVE is a tribute to craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Each drop represents centuries of tradition and dedication to the production of exceptional quality oil. In short, choosing, enjoying and appreciating a premium AOVE is immersing yourself in a unique sensory and cultural experience. From its origin to its use in cooking and personal care, every aspect reveals the richness of this golden liquid that enriches our senses and our lives.