Humsafar Express 22354 is a famous train in India that runs between Patna Junction and Yesvantpur Junction Bangalore. Known for its comfort and convenience, the train offers passengers a pleasant travel experience and Food on Humsafar Express. Here are some important details:


The train covers a long distance passing major cities and junctions. The special route includes stops at Patna Junction, DDU Junction, Jabalpur Junction, Nagpur Junction and Solapur Junction before reaching the terminus at Yesvantpur Junction.


Humsafar Express 22354 follows the schedule by keeping track of departure and arrival times at all stations on the route. Passengers are advised to check the official train schedule for the latest information on departure and arrival times. Humsafar Express 22354 takes 48 hours and covers 2640 kilometres journey Distance 

Other details

Humsafar Express trains are known for their modern facilities including comfortable accommodations, air-conditioned coaches and on-board services. Humsafar Express 3A Fare is 2300. The train was designed to provide a more scenic travel experience than express trains.

Food on Humsafar Express 

The journey itself is an important part of the trip and Humsafar Express is designed to make it unforgettable. While passengers sit in their comfortable seats, the aroma of delicacies fills the way for a  journey that complements the view outside. The ambience of the train is ideal for relaxing, and what better way to do this than with a satisfying meal?

RailRestro, one of the leading services in rail transportation, has a great experience with Humsafar Express to bring food to passengers' seats. Whether you are considering unique local comfort or international appeal, RailRestro fulfils your desire to travel on your own.

Food delivery in train is a hassle-free process. 

Passengers can easily use the RailRestro app or website to browse the extensive menu, which includes a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. From biryani that embodies the essence of local flavour to international cuisine that appeals to every palate, RailRestro's carefully selected menus appeal to the taste of every passenger.

One of the fundamental characteristics of food delivery is the commitment to quality. RailRestro's products are sourced from renowned restaurants, ensuring that each dish is prepared with the best ingredients and meets the highest standards of hygiene. Passengers can enjoy their meals confident that every bite is a testament to the quality and taste of Food on Train.

Why is PNR status important for food delivery in trains?

PNR status is an essential part of train travel and is seamlessly integrated with Humsafar Express' RailRestro service. Passengers can easily check their PNR status via the RailRestro platform to plan their meals in advance. This integration adds convenience to the entire process, allowing passengers to focus on enjoying their journey, while RailRestro e catering to their food needs.

The convenience of food delivery 

The train cannot be ignored, especially for long journeys. Humsafar Express's emphasis on passenger comfort aligns perfectly with RailRestro's vision of providing an enjoyable dining experience. Passengers don't have to rely on food provided by the car pantry or compromise on cooking preferences; RailRestro has many options for accommodation.

Between Humsafar Express and RailRestro marks a revolution in rail travel in India. It transcends the traditional concept of train food and elevates it into the realm of culinary delights. Passengers are no longer restricted by standard train food; they can enjoy healthy food that is delivered from the best restaurants.

Travelling with Humsafar Express is not about reaching your destination, but about having fun every moment of the way. From North Indian food in Patna to taste of the south in Bangalore food on Humsafar Express is Seamlessly integrated into RailRestro Food Delivery on Train, passengers can embark on a healthy journey that complements the view outside their window. From simple ordering food on Humsafar Express to easy checking of PNR status, RailRestro ensures a happy destination for every passenger travelling on Humsafar Express.

To order food on Humsafar Express from RailRestro, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the RailRestro website or download the RailRestro app.

  • Enter your PNR number or train number to find the available food options and platform for your journey.

  • Browse the menu, select your favourite items, and add them to your cart.

  • Provide your seat and coach details during the checkout process.

  • Make the payment online or choose cash on delivery.

  • Now Wait and enjoy your food on Humsafar Express 22354.