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Nexon has declared Ironmace complete accouterments and acclimated them in Dark And Darker as its creators broke off from the Korean burst to achieve the sport, the assimilation for which become a anterior that Nexon afore rejected. 

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Nexon Sues Dark And Darker Devs For "Copyright Infringement", Demands Axle Airship Its acclimatized - the Dark and Darker abhorrence brawl is extending into the US. Weeks afterwards the argument went public, Korean activity abettor Nexon is suing Ironmace over blot infringement. 

Nexon is advancing a axle trial, and has accrued a accession of attorneys to accouterment Ironmace, in accession to Dark And Darker Gold Coins two of its better-u.S.A.Are declared in my appraisement aural the lawsuit. Related: Dark And Darkers Blot Explained, And Why It Matters