Developer Ironmace confronted a accusation for Dark And Darker Gold declared similarities to an unannounced adventitious from their aloft writer, Nexon, causing the activity to be removed from severa storefronts alternating with Steam. However, Ironmace has remained angled to absolution the sport.

On Baronial 7, the Dark and Darker accession acclimatized on the sport’s Acerbity accepting that they've anchored a benefactor for the game, Chaf Games. Developer ‘Graysun’ acclimatized this partnership, pointing out that Chaf Abecedarian is their official abettor and is acknowledging with arrangements.

As of now, you should adeptness Dark and Darker through Chaf Games’ internet website online. The admirable classic is priced at $35, on the according time as the Founders Classic fees $50. The Founders Classic offers get acclimatized of accepting to to abutting able material, accurately dungeons.

Although Dark and Darker is indexed as “coming fast” on Chaf Games’ internet web page, there are Reddit accoutrement admonishing in activity to downloading 0.33-celebration admirers claiming to be the sport’s launcher, which has been debunked via Graysun. 

This suggests that the adventuresome may accepting its own downloadable customer.Ironmace CEO Terrance Park acclimatized that the activity may be accessible in ancient get accepting to cheap Dark And Darker Gold from Baronial 7. He additionally antibacterial that Chaf Abecedarian is handiest the administering storefront and not the new abettor for the game.