Skype is one of the oldest and most popular video call programs; Over time, by attracting more users, it reached the level of several million users worldwide. Skype makes it possible for two or more users to communicate with each other using a webcam, regardless of location, from any part of the globe with any type of activity. However, the users of this program may decide to delete their Skype account due to various reasons and conditions and choose another program as an alternative to Skype. Stay with us in this article.

Necessary steps before deleting Skype account

There are some very important steps that you need to take before deleting your Skype account.


1_ In the first step, you need to separate a Microsoft account from your Skype account.


2_ After canceling active subscriptions, request a refund.


3_ The next step is to cancel the Skype number, if any.


4- Eliminate recurring payments by disabling the automation feature.


5_ Update your mood message.


6- Set your status as offline or invisible.


7_ Log out of Skype on all devices that have access to your Skype account.


8_ The last step is to delete the details of your personal information from your Skype profile.

Skype account vs. Microsoft account


If you are a member of Skype using your Microsoft account; If you delete the Skype account, the Microsoft account associated with it will also be deleted, and this may be against your wishes because the Microsoft account is like a key for, Xbox Live and OneDrive. As a result of this issue, if you are registered in Skype with your Microsoft account; To ensure that you can use your Microsoft account after deleting your Skype account, you must separate your accounts from each other.


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Steps to delete Skype account


Follow the steps below in order to delete your Skype account.


1_ First, log in to your Skype account using a browser and via


2_ Click on your profile icon on the top and left side to open the Skype menu for you.


3_ After opening the menu, click on the Settings option.


4_ After entering the Settings page, go to the bottom of the web page and click on the Account Settings option located under the Preferences and Settings section.


5_ Next to your Microsoft account or Microsoft account, click on the Unlink option.


Note that if there is Unlink option instead of Not linked option at this stage, your Skype account is not connected to your Microsoft account, and in this case you can go through the next steps.


6_ At this stage, a confirmation message will appear to confirm the operation, and you must click on the next option. Now your Microsoft account should be separated from your Skype account.


Note that if your Skype account name is shown as live in the user interface; Disconnecting your Skype and Microsoft accounts will result in the loss of all Skype contacts through Microsoft's online features, such as its Outlook.