Itrsquos also really, really hard. Irsquove successfully extracted three times in Dark And Darker, which requires you to reach one of Dark And Darker Gold the final rings (like a Battle Royale, which had Features Editor Eric Switzer calling the game a new type of innovative take on the genre) and pop yourself through a portal. 

These three extractions come from probably over fifty runs since the playtest started earlier this week. Thatrsquos not a great success rate, but I donrs care at all. The game is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, Dungeons or Dragons, or Arx Fatalis, that brilliant Arcane Studios game that was the forerunner of the modern ARPG.

Dark And Darker is hardcore. Escape From Tarkov is hardcore, too. Instead of getting one-shotted by a sniper in a tower you canrs even see in Tarkov, in Dark And Darker yoursquore being shanked in the back by a sneaky Rogue, or turned into hot wax by a Wizardrsquos excellently placed fireball. 

The monsters hit hard in Dark And Darker, and when the final boss room is where all your escape portals are, yoursquore left with the epic struggle of facing off against other players and some kind of Lich god that will kill you in two hits.

Just as a warning: this shouldnrs really be played on your own, and if you want to challenge yourself with High-Roller Lobbies (where you pay to enter with the expectations of more loot, but also Dark And Darker Gold for sale much tougher opposition) yoursquore going to need some pals.