There are many stats and D4 Items in Diablo 4 that boost character damage and health. Using different stats for different builds will also have different effects. Thorns are also one of the many stats that can have a significant effect, inflicting damage to foes each time an enemy successfully hits your character. However, it might confuse some players who are new to the series. Here's how Thorns work in Diablo 4.

What are Thorns?

As the name suggests, thorns allow you to return some damage or all of it when attacked by enemies. The enemy seems to hit a thorn, and he will also be hurt. It is worth mentioning that the thorns will only happen when you are hit with direct attacks, and if you are hit with attacks that deal damage over time, it will not trigger this damaging effect. You can understand it as a passive way of causing some small doses of damage to the enemy in turn by being hit during the damage process.

How to Use Thorns?

For Thorns to work, you have to get a hit from the enemy. Therefore, we do not recommend low-health classes use this feature, as it does not have a very good defensive stat. For classes like Druids and Barbarians, Thorns can really be used to its full potential.

Players can utilize Thorns by equipping any Gear with this stat. We recommend that players buy Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade such equipment to better improve the overall DPS.

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Here are some armor set pieces we recommend:

  • Razorplate
  • Ring of Mendeln
  • Rage of Harrogath

In addition, you can also buy gold to level up Skills as well as upgrade gear with Aspects to use Thorns. For example, the Barbarian's Strategic challenging shout deals Thorns damage that is equal to 50% of your Maximum Life.

Combined with other items such as Iron Barb Elixir, it may also increase your thorns effect. Since the damage of the thorn effect is also related to your Intelligence, we recommend that players buy gold to level up to increase Intelligence.

Different classes use the Thorns status effect differently, and you can use it with your favorite armor and legendary aspects according to your playstyle.