Fiend Roses are rare Plant Upgrade Materials in Diablo 4. But with how useful it is in the game, such as enchanting legendary items, upgrading healing potions, and crafting incense, players will want to farm as many of these items as possible. However, farming rare plants is not easy, and However, farming rare plants is not easy, and here is how you can find them and their best uses.

Where to Find Fiend Roses

Fiend Roses will only spawn during an in-game event called "Helltide". It's an endgame event that lasts for an hour. During that time, you'll encounter tougher enemies, unique events, and rarer loot. Killing the enemies here will give you 100% increased XP, 15% more Gold, and a chance to get Fiend Roses. Since they are so rare, you may need to explore the entire Helltide area to find them.

In addition, you can find them inside Tortured Chests found in Helltides. You should collect Aberrant Cinders by defeating enemies in the area to open them.

It's worth noting that killing enemies will also give you a chance to get Fiend Roses among the loot drops. However, usually, the drop rate is relatively low. Fortunately, players can also be rewarded with extra D4 Items.

Since the Helltide event will occur when players reach level 50 and above, if your level is low, you can also get Fiend Roses by opening the Aberrant Cinders.

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How to Use Fiend Roses

Once you've collected the rare Fiend Roses, you can enchant your Legendary items at the Occultist. This allows you to alter useless affixes of your legendary gear and equip your builds with more appropriate affixes. Additionally, you'd better prepare crafting materials and a lot of gold in advance for use in enchanting.

Fiend Roses are also material for upgrading Healing Potions. It is well worth it for players to buy gold to upgrade them, they can greatly boost your healing, which is important in the late endgame.

Furthermore, crafting incense like Spiral Morning costs two Fiend Roses and 5000 Diablo 4 Gold. It adds 15 stats to each nearby player when in a team fight.

All in all, spending time farming Fiend Roses during the Helltide event is worthwhile. Enchant your weapons, remove unwanted affixes, and make them fiendishly legendary!