Once the school is over, students are all excited to start a new life. The best part of this life is that you choose your career path. You decide the subjects that are going to be of your interest and pursue the same. To maintain your mental peace, it is crucial that you start planning your path of studies when you are in high school. In this article, you are going to get some options that you can research around and find out if it makes the right match for you.  

Environmental Science 

As environmental issues are at their peak with a change in climate every year, there is a need for professionals who can bring useful resolutions to them. The subject of environmental science combines knowledge of diverse disciplines for addressing environmental concerns. 

Students with a PCB (physics, chemistry, biology) background are eligible to apply for an undergraduate course. The duration of the course lasts for 4 years. The basic aggregate that is demanded by the universities is 47% to 55% for admission. 

Candidates who complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science would be eligible to work in various profiles in the domain. These include Nature Conservation Officers, Waste Management Officers, Environmental Managers, and so on. Also, the students have a choice to opt for higher studies in the discipline. MSc Environmental Science scope is broader than an undergraduate degree. Therefore, students find it beneficial to personally and professionally benefit from opting for higher studies. 


One of the most suitable career options for PCB students is nursing. However, choosing such a career is challenging as the job of a nurse is considered tougher than that of a doctor. The job of a nurse requires patience and an aptitude for caregiving. Therefore, students who opt for nursing need to develop mental and physical strength for working in rotatory shifts. 

A BSc Nursing course can be applied by students who have finished higher school with a PCB background. A minimum aggregate of 55% is demanded by colleges/universities to offer admission. The duration of the course, generally, is 4 years. 

The various profiles that could be picked by a nursing graduate include Nurse, Nurse Anesthetist, Administrator, Educator, Nurse Midwife, and so on. It, however, becomes crucial for aspirants to do industrious research for finding the best colleges of BSc Nursing. If your foundation is right then you can opt for higher education in the field i.e. M.Sc. in Nursing or Ph.D. 


Students who find it interesting to study the internal organs of human beings find the course useful for them. Studying the human body structure is highly useful for the field of medical science. The contribution of anatomy experts is huge for the domain. 

To study anatomy at the undergraduate level, the candidate must have complete 10 + 2 with PCB subjects. The duration of the course is 3 to 4 years depending on the university that you apply to. The minimum aggregate demanded to offer admission to the candidates varies from 47% to 55%.  

Successful candidates have various job opportunities open for them in different domains. It includes the sectors of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and academia. Also, candidates have the option to advance to higher education i.e. MSc in Medical Anatomy. You can check out the best MSc in Medical Anatomy course at an established university. 

To Sum Up 

Here you get a gist. However, the world outside is vast enough for you to explore options. Students with a PCB background have many options in the educational field. From undergraduate to doctoral programs, there are various alternatives. However, a student must choose a field that adheres to their caliber. 

Do not run behind what society and peers have to say. Try to follow a subject that you find mentally and intellectually intriguing.