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Pack your bags, book your flight to Canada and get ready for a trip like no other. Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or just enjoying being alone, you'll find plenty of ways to tailor your trip to your preferences. Engage in all aspects of nearby culture, from tasting local food to after-hours shows in Canada. During your trip, visit these must-see sites and enjoy the best panoramas of the region. No wonder travelers are amateur historians.

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Canada - Boasting everything a tourist needs!

Data released online shows that about 40,500 people search for flights in Canada every month and about 49,500 people search for cheap flights in Canada. These numbers will increase in 2019, as the country's reputation as a travel destination grows exponentially every year. The city is home to high Rocky Mountains, beautiful Niagara Falls and beautiful beaches. Canada is a combination of fascinating cities and natural wonders. You can enjoy a fun road trip in Canada as the country is an example of the great outdoors. With fascinating culture and beautiful museums, Canada's greatness appeals to the traveler in you.

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What can you discover in Canada?

Canada, the second largest country in the world, has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique places for tourists. The country has a rich culture and heritage, as well as amazing natural wonders. The Rocky Mountains and the cities of Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary feature on almost every Western Canadian tour. In central Canada, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec are among the most popular destinations. In the Maritime Provinces to the east, remarkable beauty in the wilderness of Gros Morne National Park, as well as the city of St. John and Halifax give themselves a special grace. North Canada is off the beaten track but also very scenic and offers tourists the opportunity to see polar bears in the wild and travel to scenic destinations such as Nahanni National Park and the cities of Yellowknife and Whitehorse.

Top tourist destinations in Canada





Quebec City

Important things in Canada

At the top of your list should be a good cowboy hat as well as awesome leather accessories like bags, jackets, and hand-stitched leather accessories. You can also buy bison horns, whale bones and caribou antler jewelry. Soap figures and inukshuk figures will also make great additions to your car.

Best time to visit Canada

From a weather perspective, the best time to fly to Canada is from April to October. July and August are peak tourist seasons in many cities across the country. It is advisable to book tickets to Canada in advance to avoid overcrowding.  

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Voyager includes your entire trip from the time you board your flight to the time you return. Once you're back, don't forget to share your travel experience in Canada with us through the CheapOair Reviews section. Your experience can help inspire other travelers to visit this beautiful country. Remember that your words are the key to our constant attention.

What can you eat in Canada?

There are many delicious foods in Canada for you to enjoy. Beaver Tails is the city's famous and signature dessert. Other foods you can try while in town are Shepherd's Pie, Butter Pies, Bloody Caesars, Montreal Bagels, and Smoked Salmon.

Canadian climate

It's cold but fun with lots of winter activities. Skiing, boating and dog sledding continue in full swing until April. Summers are hotter and more humid in eastern Canada while western areas are more comfortable. Fall brings cool temperatures and beautiful fall foliage that delights every visitor. Canada's diverse climate makes it a playground for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, boating and hiking. It's a winter paradise for all those jetting off to Canada. 

Travel to Canada

Air Canada and WestJet offer regular flights within Canada to major cities. Regional flights can help you complete the last leg of your vacation in small towns or remote areas. Other public transportation options are trains, car rentals, buses or even boats. Both tourists and locals are big fans of the Rocky Mountaineer Railroad. They offer vacation packages that explore Canadian cities, Canadian Rockies, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Vancouver and other scenic spots. Savvy Canadians say that the car is the way to travel in Canada soon after the plane, allowing you to travel at your own pace, save money and take a scenic route that doesn't include travel. car, train or boat.