Storz Bickel is engaged in the heat exchanger and refrigeration equipment and equipment for the commercial industry. The company is based in Tuttlingen, Germany. In 1996, Marcus Storz began to develop the carburetor and applied for the patent of detachable valve balloon of “volcano inhaler” in January 1998. Then in August 2000, he invented the heating block as the heat exchanger of “hot air inhaler”. In the same year, the company set up “atomization inhalation rock”, and began to produce and sell “Volcano” vaporizer. Today, Storz Bickel is a growing and innovative company with 96 employees in Tuttlingen and 10 in Auckland. From R & D to quality assurance, from production to sales and transportation, all these are one-stop services. Storz Bickel is a company that provides customers with high-quality product assurance, ideal cost-performance, and, most importantly, first-class service. Pay attention to Storz-bickel coupons‘ information!

Storz-bickel Coupons

1. Does Storz-bickel Support the Black Friday?

Black Friday’s big promotion has become an inevitable trend in various industries. Storz-bickel should not miss the opportunity to give back to customers. They will offer you a huge discount on Black Friday. You can find a lot about Storz Bickel coupon codes on the official website or’s worth reminding you that it’s better to pay attention to their Black Friday activities in advance. Because it allows you to accurately locate their high-quality products and give you unexpected surprises. There will be online bloggers sending holiday gifts and the most popular products’ coupon codes, which will definitely let you enjoy the benefits you deserve. But also needs to remind you that the coupon codes provided by Storz Bickel are limited in time. There will be a special timer on to remind you, so be sure to hold your ground and rush to buy quickly! Once a week, you can’t miss the chance! For Black Friday, Storz Bickel will send a personalized email to remind customers before and during sales. They differentiate based on your geographic location, past purchase history, and overall email engagement. So you should be prepared in advance. Before Black Friday comes, give yourself enough time and opportunity to confirm everything and prepare to fight! Follow the links to send your email and offers.

2. What’s  Storz-bickel Shipping Policy?

It is understood that all orders in the mainland of the United States are provided with standard ground freight of $5.0, but there are lots of mail promo codes on,you should pay attention to them! You may be able to get home delivery for free. Maybe the next one is you to enjoy the free delivery service.So you don’t have to worry about transportation costs at all. Storz Bickel’s mailing policy will save you a lot of money. The standard mailing time is 3-5 working days after the order is delivered to the destination. Most inventory items are usually shipped from the warehouse within 1-3 working days after your order goes online. Customers know that most American orders are sent by FedEx or USPS. For overseas mail, Storz Bickel’s products can be divided into two modes: overseas direct mail delivery and bonded warehouse delivery. Overseas direct mail: refers to the direct delivery of overseas goods from abroad to customers through international logistics selected by merchants.Bonded warehouse delivery: refers to the delivery of overseas commodities to the domestic bonded area in advance by the merchants, which will be delivered directly from the warehouse of the domestic bonded area after receiving the order, and sent to you through domestic express delivery, and supervised by the customs throughout the process. Of course, Storz Bickel still offers coupons, so customers must pay attention to the classification and use of mail.

3.What Can You Get after Becoming a Member of Storz-bickel?

The membership system embodies the bond between enterprises and consumers. If you become a Storz Bickel member, you will get considerable membership rights and interests. For example, you can not only enjoy the above discount codes but also enjoy member-specific discount codes. Don’t hesitate to join Storz Bickel now and start saving money. In addition, as the number of members increases, Storz Bickel will provide more preferential activities for you in the future. So, join us quickly. We have a lot of benefits! Many benefits!

4. What is the Product Warranty of Storz-bickel?

Storz Bickel wants you to order their products with confidence. They guarantee that when you are not satisfied with their products, you can contact them directly, and they will guarantee to provide you with a perfect answer. They are willing to serve you no matter whether it is a return (to fill in the reason for return), a replacement or a refund. Most importantly, they also provide good security for your funds and will never be credited to your credit card number. Therefore, you can safely and boldly choose to pay for the Storz Bickel.

5. How does Storz Bickel pay?

Let’s see what are the payment methods supported by Storz Bickel? In order to ensure that your payment is more smooth. You can pay by credit card including visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and so on. Of course, you can also visit their official website for inspection. Storz Bickel also provides many preferential payment methods, to ensure that there are many services and vouchers, come to participate!

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