There are specific times of the year when a car wash's revenue and customer base rise and fall under particular conditions. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are these seasons.

In wintertime, for instance, snaking lines at quality car washes are caused by rusty running boards and wheel wells, while spring and summertime demand is sparked by clear skies and roads.


Your customers are looking for ways to clean and protect their cars during the summer. Services like spot-free rinse, tire/wheel cleaner, and protectants and waxes should be promoted now more than ever.

Additionally, the car wash will probably be busier in the summer than in the spring or fall. In addition, encouraging customers to use your unlimited program is a good idea. According to Krusz, this will assist in maintaining consistent revenue throughout the year.

This might be the slowest time of year for areas that don't get much snow. However, you can make the most of this downtime by holding family-friendly events or special events like a sausage sizzle to increase sales. You can even support a local charity by hosting an event or offering discounts. It is a wonderful strategy for expressing gratitude to your clients. In addition, it will help them remember your company the next time they need to wash their cars.


Winter brings snow, ice, and pungent streets, making it more testing to protect cars clean. During the cold season, a poor wash can cause ice to build up on parts that are in use, like windows, windshield wipers, squirters, and fuel filler flaps. This makes the parts useless and could be dangerous for drivers and passengers.

After a winter wash, adding anti-salt and corrosion car soap additives like Boost from AMMO NYC can help reduce the likelihood of corrosion on cars. Additionally, clearing the car's doors and windows, blasting salt and sand off the undercarriage, and rinsing out winter debris from wheel wells are important.

At last, using hotter water in the process can forestall harm to glass and ice. The middle of the day, when the sun is at its warmest, is the best time to do so.


Bugs and pollen are what bring customers to the wash in spring, whereas salt and deicers are the mainstays of winter carwashing. As the season changes, a good way to increase sales is to assist customers in breaking the habit of leaving bugs on their cars for an extended period sufficient to damage them.

Bringing your product line and promotional signage up to date is yet another strategy for boosting sales. It is simple to upsell your customers by substituting bug and pollen removers for your winter foam brush chemical.

As well as changing your synthetic substances, you likewise need to get the bayous and passages clean. Utilizing items like JBS Enterprises Cove and Wall Cleaner is a compelling and safe answer for eliminating the buildup left by snow, salt, and grime. It is likewise an incredible opportunity to check your hoses and firearms for breaks and holes brought about by the freeze-defrost pattern of winter climate. Before summer brings scorching temperatures and increased water consumption, these items should be replaced.


Pumpkins and changing leaves are two things that many people find charming about autumn. However, it is also a crucial time of year for car washing.

Pre-winter is the ideal chance to wash a car since it's cooler, which makes it simpler to work. Additionally, it is recommended to clean the exterior in the light of day to prevent streaking and premature drying. The best way to clean a car is from top to bottom. This will keep dirty solutions from dripping onto already-clean areas, which can damage them.

Something else that can occur in fall is the weather conditions change from warm to cold, which causes water spots to show up on the car's paint. Your carwash can help dispose of these water spots effectively by utilizing a cleaning compound or cradle. It is likewise really smart to have materials accessible so clients can wipe down their cars, particularly in fissures where soil can stow away.