The resources for whatever in RuneScape are also the OSRS Wiki along with both YouTube. First note however, consistent focus, persistence, and frequently times finding the most AFK strategy together with OSRS gold the ideal xp speed for any specific skill is best. You decide whether you want to place more focus and get more XP/HR or even GP/HR or sacrifice the XP or GP using more AFK methods that are more enjoyable.

Some general goals are:Quests unlock a ton of content, skills, equipment, transport, and much more so it's crucial to seek out quest guides or create your own as you go according to your objectives. Train slayer and/or get combat levels to base 70 + if you like killing monsters for fun or for cash. Find the best gear for your amounts during this process to speed up things and always do your research on that monster. If you love skilling a bit more (not combat related), focus on that ability with laser attention or locate finest AFK methods/XP Prices from OSRS Wiki or even YouTube a manual.

As I am getting close to my first 99, with 70 in battle OSRS is becoming... stale. I love RuneScape however I want to try something diffrent. What are some tips and guides for somebody like me, before I start RS3? Which skills should work on maybe some should have quests? If you have anything important to say about old school RuneScape player that wants to try out RS3, please do!

Critical skills for ending game PvM material (which doesn't take long for to btw, couple months really):All battle styles (range, melee, magic).Prayer into 92 or 96 and temple in senntisten quest chain for curses (soul divide and combat buff curses specifically) curses are an alternate selection of prayers. Like switching a spellbook. Herblore into 96 for overload potions. At the same time work towards T70 armour and weapons. Need at least this equipment level to start bossing. Past these, I don't believe you will find any essential PvM based skills. Everything else is normally discretionary or needed to buy RS gold unlock specific things (agility shortcuts, etc..)